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workshop by Dr. Jiji Vijayan

Upcoming Global Scholar Workshop

Assure Yourself a ‘QUICK-ON-THE-UPTAKE’ Learning Curve

Join the 2-Day Global Scholar Workshop with Dr. Jiji VijayanAs the world turns competitive every passing day, the pressure on children is also mounting which often leads to emotional or academic breakdowns. Though our kids are often instructed on what to learn, they hardly get an idea on how to learn. Dr. Jiji Vijayan, renowned counsellor, has designed her Global Scholar Workshop by considering all the mental strains and performance anxieties that the children go through.

Global Scholar Workshop is not just a memory tapping training programme. It brings together world-class learning methods, state-of-the-art learning techniques and the best from Lifeline’s vast and laborious research on the power of the subconscious.

This unique workshop combines hypnotic sales, NLP sales and conventional sales strategies to make you an efficient and successful salesperson with an INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATION. The workshop integrates Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) technique that explores the relation between thought, communication, behaviour and expressions. Since sales involves such spontaneous emotional and intellectual responses, making use of NLP helps to put them in order and bring them to the best use of sellers. It also trains in 101 prospective methods, over 32 referral methods and presentation skills.

Participants will achieve

  1.  Better concentration
  2.  Super learning methods
  3.  Time management
  4.  Exam techniques
  5.  Memory techniques
  6.  Brain power enhancement method
  7.  Goal setting based on talents and passion
  8.  Smart study habits
  9.  Visualization, affirmation
  10.  Speed reading and photo reading
  11.  Meditation methods
  12.  Intensified listening
  13.  Interpersonal skills
  14.  School and College level scholarship opportunities
  15.  Career guidance
  16.  Blue print for success
  17.  Personality development
  18.  Success secrets
  19.  Planning through vision board
  20.  Multiple intelligence
  21.  Better sleep

The course helps your children to break out from their restricting habits and opens new memory-enhancing avenues, stress-release methodologies, imparts self-confidence and controls exam anxiety. It is an inner transformation that takes place to shorten your learning curve – which makes a big difference to your quality of life.

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