Mind-the treasure chest

Written by on 10th October 2018

Mind-the-treasure-chest-Dr-pp-vijayanThere is a statement that each person is a mine of gold and silver by prophet Muhammad , and this is a very relevant statement in every time, our mind is like a mine if we train our mind, we can collect as much as gold and silver we want. For every one there is hidden treasure, that is unlimited mind power, one must aware about it and explore its possibilities . As we talk about the mine of mind, Bill Gates is an example, the idea of windows comes from his mind which grows to the largest company in the world, millions of people around the world get benefited by using his software in business, study and other fields. Steve Jobs who invented apple series of gadgets really turned the face of the world so many other people like Mr. Yusuf Ali in Kerala his business ideas inspires and helps many and our former president Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam he reach this prestigious position from a common family and throughout his journey he got influenced by the power of his mind. Among the 230 Crore of people of our population each one of them could be successful, not mere a success but a giant success in life through utilizing the hidden unlimited power of subconscious mind. Each and everyone is carrying hidden talents of huge potential which can change the world all we have to do is find them and motivate them.


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