“Dream, dream, dream. Dreams transform into thoughts, thoughts result in action.” – Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

Written by on 15th October 2018


If inspiration ever had a human form, it was him- the smiling, grey-haired humble human being who was born in a fisherman village in Rameswaram this day 87 years ago. That is APJ Abdul Kalam for India, much more than the revered former president and the missile man. The man who once sold newspapers to make his family’s both ends meet when his father, a ferry man, failed to find a job as Pamban bridge connected his village to the mainland. He was not an extremely bright student but his hard work paid him his due. The rest is history as his later years were all glorious and successful.

For us, who wants to use the immense mind power within us, Abdul Kalam is an epitome of motivation. If not, how would a newspaper boy once would ever become instrumental in the development and operation of India’s coveted Agni and Prithvi missiles? If not, how much possible it would have been for an underprivileged Muslim kid to travel from Rameswaram coast to Rashtrapati Bhavan? He preached what he practiced, turning challenges into opportunities.

Young Kalam had an ambition of becoming a fighter pilot. However, the dream took a blow as he secured the ninth place in the qualification examination where there were only eight positions available with the IAF. It would have been a moment of despair and disillusionment for the young heart and ask yourself, what would you have done in such a moment? Kalam took the next giant leap by joining Aeronautical Development Establishment. Aeroplanes could never bypass some limits, but he later sent missiles to the space! That’s how you take sweet revenges to your life and ‘fate’ as they call it.

On his birthday, let us instil the never-dying spirit of exceeding our own expectations. Let’s promise to our souls that we would keep it ignited, and we’ll fly high in the wings of fire. Thank you Kalam, for telling us how noble a human life would be. Thank you for showing us how magical the power of one’s mind would be. Thank you for convincing us that nothing is impossible, if you have a burning desire inside. We take a vow to learn from you more and more, and transform our lives forever.

Happy Birthday. May generations remember you with awe.


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