Belief system-the root of success

Written by on 19th October 2018

Formation of belief system

Every person has a set of belief system some are good and efficient but some needs to be changed for successful life. A person borns without any belief system and with time he grows up the belief systems also grows up with him. Our mind works like a sponge which absorbs water in a bucket, it absorbs things around our living environment which later transforms in to beliefs. As a person grows by living many successful people around him develops a belief system that he can also be successful. For example we can see successful business men arises from the business family because they saw their ancestors are successful in doing business so that they believe they also can, same situation in the scenario of doctors children become doctors easily and other IAS officers their next generation easily reach on the successful position once their parents were. This is because they are surrounded with them and they believe they can easily achieve it. When one child by birth becomes Hindu or Christian it is not their choice it’s because of the circumstances they are brought up and they watch their parents and convinced by the belief of their parents and followed the path their parents are following. We can see belief systems and morals from the family background are following children’s throughout their life. If we study the history of most successful family in the world which comprise only one percentage of the population it’s clear that their next generation is also successful as they follow the trait of their parents. This is because they grown by watching the success of their family. On the other side the remaining percentage of people living in poverty, failure it is due to they don’t make any change in developing social relationship and higher level of consciousness, majority of their generation also follow the same unsuccessful path of their parents the reason behind this was the adverse affects of their belief system.


How to reform belief system


There is influence of certain belief system which prevents us from being successful, it is important to change them. Lets  imagine a table, consider the top of the table as belief system and the legs which it was standing as evidence, when people looks to the lives of successful people they saw the evidence as successful relationship, business and career. In the case of failure this was the exact table and in order to succeed we must break each of the legs of evidence to question your belief system and replace them with new legs of hope, confidence and positive example of people who achieve great things in their life. Ask yourself, if they can; why I can’t? Create a new belief system that you can win and create your own evidence that can backup your belief. (Inspirational stories from the life of great personalities may help) If you follow your new belief system within limited time you can see results from your life.  Change your negative belief system completely for example an elephant kid which only has the size of a calf was kept in chains and it tries to break that chain but can’t so there is a belief system develops that it can’t break the chain. This belief system doesn’t change over time as the elephant grown up it still believes that the small chain can’t be break.  So the elephant never tried to break that chain as a result of belief system developed many years ago. This kind of negative belief system is found mostly among women they think they can’t do anything because they are housewives, actually it’s completely wrong. There are many examples of women who do great things as housewife; Sonia Gandhi and Raibery Devi were the perfect examples of successful women with family life. It’s all as a result of their belief system that they think they can. Success will follow those who are willing to break all their chains of negative beliefs and fear. No one else will do it for you, only you can break your chains and be successful in life.

How to transform your belief system?


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