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Written by on 25th October 2018

Lack of expressing gratitude

Showing gratitude or saying word like ‘thank you’ seems like forgotten by many these days. Suppose you are driving through an unknown place and a stranger on the road navigate you the correct route that heads to your destination but majority on these situations people don’t show their appreciation to the stranger many thinks that it’s his responsibility to navigate them through the right path. The actual truth is the stranger put some effort from his side to tell you the correct route and you must appreciate his effort by saying simple words like ‘thank you’ can actually create a big impact and positive energy.

Positivity of expressing gratitude

Positive people who always tend to find the positive side of things, they are thankful to everything’s that they receive; when we go to hotels there are waiters who serve food and chefs who cooks foods according to our preference try to appreciate their effort by thanking them which will make them happy and serves you with great pleasure more over it will help them to remember you.  For example, I had a personal experience recently. while I am conducting a training program in crown plaza hotel in Dubai and an Egyptian lady was coordinating our program and I came to know that our chef was a malayali from her and I talked to him over the phone about dishes that serves on our program, actually I don’t understand much information about the names of the dishes from the conversation but the chef guaranteed me that he would do his best. Next day surprisingly he served our food which is one of the delicious foods which I had in Dubai and every one in our team also praised the food. I call the chef and talk about the dishes and I appreciate the food and his effort. We also had program on the next day and I notice that he specially prepare food for us on the second day which is far way better and greater than the first day. Did you notice what happens here? When we appreciate their effort and food they feel happy and warmth in their mind and which drives them to serve us more with joy and pleasure.  This same feeling would be felt by our wife if we appreciate her cooking it will help them to make more and better food. Always be ready to show positive response to whatever things we got from others.

Physical Benefits

There are studies shows that when we or inspire somebody, numerous positive chemicals capable of preventing diseases and improving immunity power are created in our body and those who receives it produces about four times of the chemicals in their body which is great for finding happiness in their work. The lack of appreciation and acknowledgement prevents many from being great in their respective fields. Many parents won’t appreciate their kids instead they are comparing them with others this is not a good practice. Always encourage and appreciate your kids and others, which will create a huge difference in their life and mood as well as yours and thus lead you to great successful life.


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