Happy birthday, dear survivor!

Written by on 1st November 2018

When floods devastated the God’s Own Country, the spirit of upcoming Onam festivities was in the air. Water rushed through the towns and the villages in a wild spree and days went nightmarish. When Kerala celebrates its 62nd birthday on November 1, it stands tall as a survivor. Despite the scars and bruises, it has seen its people joining hands to revive and rebuild it, celebrating the diversity and curious assortments.

The 38,863 km2 area is now united by a single spirit of fighting it out and it was always the story of Kerala. Ever since it became a unified political entity from November 1, 1956, it served as a model to the rest of the world in terms of health, literacy and women’s empowerment. Its bewitching beauty lured travellers from far and wide and its myriad geographical distribution is one of the kind in the whole world.

Enriched by renaissance values, our all-encompassing culture has given the state a cosmopolitan uniqueness that pleasantly accommodates many religions, many streams of thoughts and traditions with equal love and ease. Despite being not exposed to much of nature furies, this unwavering spirit helped us to stay united and face the nearly apocalypse condition with a sense of challenge and undying bravery.

If this is not the time to celebrate the birthday of our dearest state, no better time would come. Let’s be the proud ambassadors of its glory and show the world what it means to be a Malayali. Happy birthday, dear state. You have shown us the true spirit of surviving and shining through!


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