Written by on 20th November 2018

The 5 fundamental keys called the 5 Pillars of Health will enable us to live a healthy, fulfilled and balanced lifeIt discusses the importance of partaking in exhilarating exercise, eating nourishing nutrition, drinking revitalizing water, taking energetic breaths and developing clarity of mind.

1.Exhilarating exercise

Breaks down the different types of exercise, the benefits,and some essential guidelines that will keep us on track and moving towards our goals.

2.Nourishing nutrition


Provides some essential nutritional guidelines that will help us to get the most out of the food we eat.

3.Revitalizing water

Delves into the benefits of water while providing several guidelines for smart water consumption.

4.Energetic breath

Breaks down the process of effective breathing technique and how we can incorporate this into our life to gain more energy and vitality.

5.Clarity of mind

Identifies the mindset that we must cultivate in order to gain the most out of our health regime.

How mind is related to health?


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