Top 10 tips to enhance your Personality

Written by on 24th December 2018

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Developing your personality will positively impact your life and career. It depends on an individual’s style, behavior, attitude, and mindset which are imperative in shaping one’s personality. For this, you need to intentionally learn new skills that help to mould your character. Your personality is typically the reflection of your character, pattern of your thought process and your habits. 

  • 1. Learn to Listen

Listening to others means engaging and connecting with another human being on an emotional perspective. It is necessary to develop the skill to become a good listener. A good leader is always a good listener. An excellent listener allows other people around him to be more open towards him making them comfortable to share their ideas and thoughts.

  • 2. Be a giver than a taker

Being a giver is one of the most important aspects of your personality. It means you should be selfless in dispensing support for others when they need it, without expecting it back. It need not be anything material in cash or kind, but it can be your thought, energy, time, idea, encouragement, belief etc.

  • 3. Spend quality time with others

You need to put an extra effort to meet people. Spending time with people will give you a lot of new experiences, ideas, and thoughts. Also, this will help you to get accustomed to new cultures and views which will positively affect your personal trait.

  • 4. Improve communication skill

Effective communication skill plays a crucial role in developing your personality. It will improve your confidence while making conservation with new people. It will help you to express yourself in a more convincing way to others. Effective communication skill will help to impart your thought, knowledge, opinions in a most desirable manner.

  • 5. Learn to trust others

It is not easy to trust others. But if you are emotionally intelligent, you can easily identify the right person among you to trust. Trust cannot be created overnight, you need to choose the apt person and trust more.

  • 6. Develop Empathy

Empathy towards others is one of the important personality traits you need to develop. You need to have a deeper understanding of other people’s behavior, inner world, emotional conflicts, thoughts, and experiences.

  • 7. Treat people as you would like to be treated yourself

You will earn love, respect, friendliness, loyalty, admiration etc of others if you extend same feelings towards them. Another factor relates to this is you will be more at peace if people treated you similarly. Express your integrity and respect to others, it will reciprocate in your life.

  • 8. Stay involved with each other

No man is an island in this world. To maintain a healthy relationship, you need to involve each other. You need to look at each other for proper guidance, emotional and physical support.

  • 9. Be forgiving

This is a very key personal trait you need to develop. Negative personality trait like anger and hostility will adversely affect your overall growth as a person. It is considered that positive personality traits like forgiveness, optimism, and empathy will intentionally stop hatred towards others. You need to avoid negative emotional reactions to enhance your personality.

  • 10. Express love

Love imparts strength and courage. You need to express the emotion “love” to nurture a relationship. Expressing and feeling love will be a paradigm shift to your life. This emotion can be in any form, express it your friends, spouse, parents, children etc will strengthen you.

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