7 Smart ways to find inner peace and happiness

Written by on 26th December 2018

1. Ignore negative people and comments

Make a conscious choice to stay away from negative people and turn a deaf ear to the negative comments. For a healthy and happy mind, avoid confrontation even with your enemies. Find happiness in small things in your life and interpret everyday happenings in a positive way. You can find and create happiness in your life.

2. Listen to your heart

Your heart has a universal language called love and it is the place of all the gentle emotions. On this busy schedule of your life, stop a moment listen to your heart and trust the gut feeling. Your heart will guide you to happiness and bliss.

3. Do not expect anything from anybody

Happiness begins when you cease expecting from others. You must acquire peace and happiness by relinquishing expecting from others that include your family members, children, and friends. Do not depend on others for peace and happiness. Deed of kindness should always be done without expecting any reward in return.

4. Count your blessings not your troubles

It is a human instinct that to count troubles than joy. Count whatever you are blessed with is one of the best ways to get inner peace and happiness. You may get upset with small debt or a temporary illness, but if you count your blessings you’ll find happiness. Make a list of your blessings and be thankful for what you have. Don’t waste your time and energy by complaining what you don’t have, instead write down your blessing, this will help you stay positive in your life.

5. Do not imitate others

Nature has created us all with a unique identity.  It is not sensible to ape others in your life. If you are trying to imitate someone in your life you are losing your character and qualities permanently from your life. But, we can always model good people’s characters, thoughts, and ideas in your life

6. Try to profit from your losses

Success is not always the key to happiness.  In some point in life you may lose what you want, but it is really important to profit from your losses. For this you require making benefit out of such a situation is the most important. Only through practice, you can achieve this. If you are able to find out a positive thought from a negative situation, you will succeed in your life.

7. Forgive and forget

Do you know what will be the impact of forgiveness? It is happiness. Forgiving can give you personal peace. By forgiving you are not making other people feel better, but you are helping yourself to be happier and healthier. Inability to forgive others will tend to make you more hostile towards others. In long run, this will you make you anxious and depressed. Likewise, learn to forget the negative thoughts and incidents in your life


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