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Written by on 11th January 2019

Our life purpose consists of the fundamental objective of our  life.  This objective motivates us to live each day.  Purpose can guide our  life decisions, influence behavior, set  goals, give the direction, and create the  meaning of life.  We all have our own unique role in this world.  Unfortunately majority of us fails to acknowledge this.  

  • What are the unique skills you have, which are prominent than others:
  • Each of us have our own unique talents and skills. Find out the talents and skills you possess.  Then  select the most prominent one  from them. Develop it to  bring you to newer heights.
    • Your weakness:

    Write down your  weaknesses  and find out the things you are struggling with. Choose three weaknesses. It may be lack of patience, laziness  or difficulty in controlling  anger. Write down your own weakness and its impact in your life. Try to find out the ways how you are going to overcome these weaknesses.

    • The roles you enjoy the most:

    What are the areas others find you are talented in and  what are the areas you think you are not talented. What will be  the legacy you are going to create and handover to the next generations. Write it down.

    • Your passions and Motivations:

    Understand your passions and follow your passion. It is  easy to find out your passion. Just think about the activity you love the most. Where do you get your motivations from This attitude will bring you success in what you are focused on.

    • Three things you are most afraid in life:

    The 3 biggest fears holding you back from success;  may be it is  lack of confidence, fear of failure etc. Write it down.

    • Achievements in life that you are most proud of: 

    Everyone had some kind of accomplishment in their life that they’re proud of. Which achievements in your life make you happy?  What are the achievements  that  will make you the proudest in your life again? Think about the opportunity to reflect on that and write it.

    • Your Dreams and Regrets: 

    Most people have dreams and hopes. Even the most successful people have dreams and that is what has made them what they are today. Only with dreams, will you find a purpose to live your life. You will start working hard towards the dream and will never lose interest in life. Write down your Regrets and missed opportunities due to your insecurities and fear.

    • Experiences you want to create in the life:

    Concentrate on creating experience in life rather than materialistic things because they worth it. Find out and write down your area of interest.

    • What makes your life meaningful:

    How can you lead a more meaningful life? It depends on synchronization of several factors.  What are your daily goals, how to be more productive?  If you had to give yourself a reason to live, what would it be? What would you stand for? What principles do you hold highest?  Write it down.

    • Factors that shape your personality:

    For this it’s important to identify the belief system you are having and the ideas and moral values you are holding. Meditation is helpful in revealing your subconscious programming. Write down your success and failures, unique abilities and key skills.

    • How you are going to change the world:

    For a great cause think how you are going to change the world around. You can do meaningful deeds and make a positive impact on other people. What would you do if you knew you could do anything and wouldn’t fail? Write all the ideas flows in your mind.

After answering and analyzing all the above notes the purpose of your life will slowly unfolds to you.

On the basis of your previous findings ask this question who are you? It doesn’t mean what your name is. But what is it that makes you? Personality, skills, goals, purpose, passions……  it’s all about what you see and find in you.  

Again  write each of the questions given below and find answers according to your understanding and findings.

What you love to do?

To whom you are working for?

What is the real need of people around you?

How effective are you doing with your life purpose?


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