9 tips to keep people around you happy

Written by on 15th January 2019

If you want to create a happier life for yourself, make the people around you happier. Positive attitude is the key that keeps everyone surrounds you happy. To simplify your life let’s check out what are the tips that you need to practice in your life.

1) Give honest and sincere appreciation

A sincere appreciation is a positive expression that not only makes a person happy but also it is an encouragement to him. In effect giving an honest appreciation can greatly improve others happiness which will reflect back by giving a happier habitat for you to live in.

2) Give the people around you a fine reputation to live up to

The people around are different, and they have strengths and weakness. Most of the time you will be focusing on the weaknesses of the other person. First, you need to eliminate the negative thought about the other person’s weakness from your mind and find his strengths. Also, do not forget to publically praise his strengths in front of others. When you give another person a fine reputation to live it will help him to gain confidence, self- esteem etc. By the end of the day, this will make your life easier.

3) Point out other’s mistakes indirectly

One of the thump rules to make others happy is not to criticize them directly. But it is not easy to do this. First, you need to make them aware of the mistakes they have done indirectly and let them understand the scope of improvement. Direct criticism will push the people away from you.

4) Make your suggestions sounds nicer to other person

There are many a time in your life you need to give some definite advice, corrections or suggestions to other person around you. First, you must know what exactly you want from the other person and give suggestions. There are numerous ways to make your suggestions, but ensure that it will benefit the other person also. While giving a suggestion give them enough freedom

5) Speak about your own mistake before criticizing the other person

To err is human and nobody is perfect in this world. It is a human tendency to point out mistakes of others and criticize them. If you come across such situation in life, just remind yourself the bigger mistakes you have done and share the same with them. This will make other person understand  the impact of his mistake and try not to repeat the same mistake again.

6) Improve communication

Communication is a positive method to develop a good relationship with the people around. Effective communication will help to strengthen your bond and make others feel that you value them. Avoid saying ‘You-statements, instead use ‘I-statements’ which have a positive effect. Express you feeling clear without blaming others.

7) Encourage people around you

A kindly word of encouragement is the best positive gesture to recognize the good deeds others did for you.  Even though, it’s a small effort to continue encouraging others. This will act as a motivation for them to strive better and thereby make your life easier. 

8) Stop giving direct orders, instead ask questions

Most of the people around us do not like taking orders. To tackle such people, asking questions is more effective, that it gives them an involvement and choice. Though they are your subordinates or colleagues, always remember they are not task takers, but they are experts themselves. Instead of giving orders, give them the opportunity to come up with solutions.

9) Allow others to save face

Never try to tarnish the other person’s dignity, always help to preserve it. In fact, treating others with dignity and respect reflects your personality and it is the smartest way to win others. Do not refer their past mistakes in front of others, instead you need to encourage them to express their ideas and opinions, make them feel that they are acknowledged.


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