How to change your belief system

Written by on 17th January 2019

The success and failure in one’s life is based upon their belief system. Belief system is the feeling of permanence, certainty, assurance and rigidity. From the repetitive thought in the mind you are feeling permanence and gradually it turns to a lasting belief system. Everyone has a set of belief system. Some studies suggest that approximately 45000 types of various belief systems plays a key role in the life of an adult preventing them from achieving success.

There are many factors influence in the formation of your belief system; most of them are from your parents and friends, and the environment you are exposed to. Many people believe in the ghosts and other supernatural powers though there is no scientific validation they claim that they had an experience or incomplete sensory perception. Studies have shown that only one percent in the world is successful it can be seen that the children of these successful people are also successful. 

The reason for this is the pattern of successful belief system successful people holding and it is transferred to their upcoming generation. The rest of ninety nine percentages who are unsuccessful are holding the limiting belief system which blocks them from accessing the unlimited resource and opportunity around them. While studying the life of successful people around the world it is clear that their thoughts, attitudes and beliefs rewards them the success.

Beliefs are based on sensory memory of past events, circumstances and experience using this belief you filter reality and experience of life and rejects inconsistent and contradictory information. Beliefs determine behavior we act according to beliefs about world, self, others circumstances and events.

The root cause that prevent majority of people from the success is the self limiting beliefs that they hold inside their mind. These beliefs are usually negative, fear; self doubt etc limiting and hindering our growth. Interesting fact about this belief system is none of them are actually true, when you closely look at this belief system you can easily convince that your limiting belief system is just an illusion.


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