How to stop worrying

Written by on 18th January 2019

Worry one of the most common problems among the people, but it also capable to create a harmful impact on your mental as well as physical health. In this article, we are discussing some tips that help you in control worrying. First of all find and analyze the facts and circumstances which triggers you worry, then take an appropriate resolution to avoid that situation. ‘Thinking on paper’ otherwise, that is writing your problem in a piece of paper is the best technique to cope with worry. Write down exactly what your problem is, what are the causes?. Meditation is a better way to reveal the underlying causes of your worry. Once you identify the problem write down the possible solutions to overcome these worries. After writing all the possible solutions select the best one and act on it.

We have a tendency to think pessimistic that something bad might happen to you or clinging to our past memories and worst experiences. In this scenario the most convenient and simple solution is just let them go; never let them control and ruin your present happiness and peace. Sitting ideally without doing anything or having a lot of free time creates a great opportunity for many to start thinking and worrying; in order to avoid this always keep yourself busy and always be active on something. Suppose if you are in a really threatening situation like losing a job, relationship problem etc ask yourself what’s the worst that can possibly happen and make yourself mentally prepared and tolerable to accept that. Push back your worries and they get stronger. So accept their presence. Once you are mentally fit for confronting the worst outcome it’s a lot easier to improve the situation.

Never worry about your weakness instead of that focus on your strength and unique skills, this practice will definitely bring you success. There is interesting statics about worry. 40 percentage of things we worry about are the things which never going to happen. 30 percentages of worries are about the things that are already happened, 12 percentages of things are the insignificant ones. 10 percentages of things we worry about are irrelevant, 4 percentages of things we worry about are the things out of our control and we can’t do anything on it, only remaining 4 percentages were in our control. Now in this statics, it’s clear that only 4 percentage of our worry is actually worth it, so don’t worry about the things we can’t change or control and ruin your health and happiness. Here are some tips which help you to break the worrying habit.

  • Busy your body and Mind: Always be active on something, if you get free time spend it by hearing some motivational speech or inspirational stories.
  • Take advantage of the law of Average: use the law of averages to outlaw our worries. What is the probability of something happening? If it’s low, focus your thoughts somewhere more productive.
  • Avoid your anxiety: Never worry about your past incidents and hurts. Refuse to give your attention to the negative thinking which may ruin your peace and happiness.
  • Live in the moment: It is always a blissful experience if you learn to enjoy and live in the moment. Believe in yourself completely and don’t let others opinion or criticisms influence your happiness
  • Exercise and Meditation: Exercise and meditations are the best ways to reduce worry and stress, once you develop the habit of meditation you can find that your worries and fears are out of the bay.
  • Ask and Seek: Life is not a one-man show, humans are social beings and if you need help don’t hesitate to ask. There is always a person out there to help you. If you never ask anyone will know your need.
  • Understand your values: Most priceless possession you are having in your life is absolutely free your health, good relations etc. You have numerous good things in your life. Concentrate and thankful on that rather than complaining and worrying about the minority of bad things.


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