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Written by on 19th January 2019

Let your conversation begin in a friendly manner

If you want to make the people comfortable in your orbit, being your conversation in a friendly way. It seems not very easy while pointing out the other person’s mistake. For this, you need not to be super professional while talking to someone. In fact, most of the people like honest and real conversations that do not force them to pretend like they are not. Where ever possible, personalize your conversation with others and crack some jokes around. Better conversations always diminish the barriers which will help you to handle them easily.

Allow other people to speak and be an active listener

There is kind of people around you who won’t allow others to speak, only because of this reason they turned to be the most hated group. Experts consider that active listening is more important than speaking well. Also, giving room for others to speak up is a polite gesture that everyone will appreciate. When you come in contact with other people around, be an active listener and let others talk and express their ideas to you. This is an opportunity to establish a bond between you and others.

Get people to say ‘Yes’ immediately

The ability to convince others and making a positive response out of it is a valuable skill. Though you cannot control how others will act or respond, you can intentionally control your actions in such a way that can enhance the chances to have a positive result. If you want the other person say Ýes’ think from their perspective, make them comfortable and gain their trust in you.

Make others feel that your idea is theirs

Persuading others is a crucial skill that you need to practice for a successful career and life. If you want the other person to agree upon your idea, first make them believe that it was their own idea. For this always keep a very good rapport with others and say logical ideas confidently.

 Learn to see things from other person’s perspective

Though this sounds very easy, it is not as simple as you think, you need to deliberately practice this for a better result. This happens because the people around you have a different behavioural pattern or lifestyle background that may have a remote identity with yours. When a conflict arises with your colleague or partner, try to see things from their point of view which will lead you to mutually resolve the issue quickly.

Be sympathetic with ideas, feelings and desires of other people

How can you comfort a person who is emotionally upset? We can apply the previous rule here, ie, to see things from other person’s point of view. The magic phrase you can say here to ease the tensed situation and eliminate negative feeling is “I don’t blame you for the feeling you have if I were you I would also feel the same.” Your response will help the other person to get rid of the ill feelings and you can experience a surprising result.

Stop arguing with others

It often happens with your friends, colleagues and family members that a simple conversation can escalate into a heated debate, criticism, blame or hostility. But in some cases, you may disagree with others opinion which can turn into an argument. To avoid such arguments, you need to have the skill of problem-solving and make others understand the logic of your point. Always remember a raised voice, anger and impatience will lead to arguments. Be smart enough to graciously step back from arguments.

When you are wrong admit it quickly

Anybody can make mistakes, but willing to admit your mistake empathically and apologize to others shows your character. Admitting your mistake does not make you weak instead you will be stronger enough to face the real situation. Take the responsibility of your wrongdoings and correct it immediately.

Never tell people that they are wrong

In a conversation, there are chances to have two different opinions that you cannot agree with the other. In such a situation, it is not healthy for you to say that he was wrong and you are right.  Remember that the opinion on a topic is only a personal perspective on which you can agree or disagree. For a healthy relationship always respect another person’s opinion.


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