How to deal with Passive Aggressive Behavior

Written by on 22nd January 2019

People having passive aggressive behaviour refuse to mingle in a group, they always choose to stand alone. They don’t feel comfortable with others and always find flaws and blame everything around them. People who have passive aggressive behaviour are always complaining and unsatisfied. In the work environment, these people never obey the laws of the organization and love to challenge the authority. Actually, this is a form of subconscious programming of mind; people who are suffering from passive-aggressive behaviour seems like most of them are doing all these things unconsciously.

Feeling of being victimized running deep in their mind and they show their protest in the form of resistance and rebellion towards the society. In fact, they are the unfortunate and innocent victims of excessive discipline and circumstances. People fabricating stories, always making excuses and lies, never keeping promises, playing office politics, conveying vague messages and gossiping are some of the examples of passive aggressive behaviour.

The level of passive aggressive behaviour is varying from person to person. 20 percentage of passive behaviour in a person is bearable and if these rate goes up to 60 – 80 it’s very dangerous to them and those associating with them. This person used to remain alone and depressed, they take revenge with their life. Passive Aggressive Behavior is self-destructing and dangerous to others. If you have this type of behaviour it’s necessary to fix and it’s almost possible. Following are some of the effective remedies to fix this behaviour.

  • Forgiveness: In most cases, passive-aggressive behaviour formed as a result of unfair treatment and circumstances. The influence of society and parents in the formation of passive aggressive behaviour in one’s life cannot be ignored. Choose to forgive them sincerely it won’t be so easy at first but gradually you can.
  • Counselling and Reading: Fix an appointment with an experienced counsellor can help a lot in dealing with this behaviour. Read books and get awareness about yourself and find new insights about life.
  • Meditation: Meditation can make your mind calm and help to remove impurities from the mind. Doing meditation on a daily basis can create wonders on your behaviour pattern.
  • Always remember changing this behaviour is not a one day process it requires time and effort, Works continuously on the passive-aggressive behaviour for a year to manifest the desired result. It’s entirely possible to free your mind from the harmful Passive Aggressive Behavior.


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