Benefits of stretching comfort zone

Written by on 23rd January 2019

The comfort zone represents a familiar and safe environment. This area includes routine habits of thinking and acting. When we question the familiar and enter unknown territory, we enter the stretch zone (also called learning zone or growth zone). This area stands for variety, excitement, challenge and new opportunities.

At the same time, however, this zone is associated with certain uncertainties and risks but remember all these obstacles you confront while stepping out of your comfort zone later rewards you success, happiness, new horizons and possibilities you never think about. It all starts with our willingness to stretch our comfort zone.

There are many factors which prevent you from stepping out of your comfort zone, let’s take a look at some of the common concerns prevents you from stretching out of the comfort zone.

  • Fear: Fear of failure, uncertainty, and loneliness prevents many from reaching their ultimate potential. Once you confront your fears boldly you know that it is not that hard as you think about.
  • Over Exaggeration: Many situations and events are over exaggerated by others; the interesting fact is in most cases the people who don’t have any real idea about something was actually over exaggerating, they just delivering negative comments without any prior knowledge.
  • Negative environment: If you are in a negative environment where no one understands you, exhausting you physically and mentally or criticizes you on a regular basis then staying on that environment actually doesn’t make any sense. All you have to do is move out and find your new horizons.
  • Over Care: Parents who are possessive to their children and give unfair benefits to them are actually ruining their life. Those who are used to over care and consideration can’t face any difficulties in life. Many victims of unsuccessful relations and life failures are from this background.
  • Make Excuses: Everyone can make excuses. It’s so easy to find a reason. Excuses can’t get you anywhere. There are two options: Make progress or make excuses.
  • Obsession about past mistakes and failures: Thinking about past is the one of the worst thing you can do to prevent you from success. There is no point in thinking about something that had already happened. Let all the past memories go, focus on your future and act.



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