Law of Dharma

Written by on 24th January 2019

Before understanding the law of Dharma it’s important to know about Adharma; Adharma is a Sanskrit antonym of Dharma, which means wickedness, evil and unrighteous for those who perform Adharma it’s obvious that soon or later Adharma will follow them. Importance of Dharma is a major concept and philosophy in Hinduism and can easily conclude as our duty to the divine. Everyone has certain duties and responsibilities in the world. Some of them are;

  • Responsibilities towards the World
  • Responsibilities towards Nature
  • Responsibilities towards our parents
  • Responsibilities towards the children and family
  • Responsibilities towards teachers

If we keep these responsibilities sincerely it means we are doing our duty. Bible clearly teaches that a man reaps what he sows. It is all up to you what you want to sow If you want to reap goodness in your life, sow good deeds all around you. Dharma protects those who keep Dharma. All Vedas and Epics are proclaiming the importance of dharma and shows examples of characters suffered due to the practice of Adharma.

Dharma always offers great privileges for those who keep them. Vedas clearly says that it’s most important to keep Dharma than paying offerings and temple visits. While deeply studying holy books of various religions one thing is common; that they all encourage us to live and maintain Dharma.

Righteousness: Upholds support that maintain the regulatory order of the universe; this is the order of universe .This is essential for the functioning/order of universe. There is simply no way out of it. When things go chaotic, it is somehow re-enforced or the universe simply wipe out.

Dharma doesn’t  says to keep quiet against injustice; if you see a injustice in front of you Dharma demands to react, meanwhile ignoring and passing away you are doing Adharma. Even wars were declared for protecting the Dharma.

Dharma simply means your duties. Your duties as a human being towards other human beings, towards the nature and towards everything. Protecting and keeping Dharma helps you to lead a meaningful and successful life.


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