How to get self-motivated ?

Written by on 28th January 2019

Self-motivation can be simply defined as the inner encouraging force that drives you to achieve your goals. It is the key life skill that you should develop for your personal development. Self-motivation is the vital part of your emotional intelligence that makes your determined to achieve your goals.

Mainly there are four types of self-motivation factors. They are:

Intrinsic Motivation: This is a type of motivation in which a person is being self-motivated by his own internal desires. It happens because of some personal decisions that should come within. Eg: setting a goal to lose your weight. It is a personal decision, and you will find ways to achieve this. Here, the reason behind this goal is you want to stay fit, healthier and change your appearance.

Extrinsic Motivation: This is a type of motivation in which a person is being motivated by external factors. The appreciation, applause, incentives etc are the external motivating factors that you are looking to move forward. This motivation is also called reward-based motivation. Eg: you want to lose weight and improve your physique so that you will be appreciated by your friends, colleagues etc.

Personal Motivation: It is a kind of motivation in which a person find more passionate and committed to achieving an objective which is very personal to him. This will help him to gain individual values and prove himself to be worthy. He will be more enthusiastic and energetic in achieving the goal. Eg: acquiring wealth and doing charity.

Interpersonal Motivation: This is a type of motivation in which a person wants to prove his mantle to society. In interpersonal motivation, he wants to bring a massive change in the society and get approval from the people around him. Eg: effort to bring a common toilet or a well in your village.

Here are the seven effective steps for your get self-motivated:

Set a goal and focus on it

While setting a goal you need to prepare a plan and visualize it to the minutest details. It all depends upon the intensity of your desire that makes you achieve the goal. In your journey towards achieving goals, you will find intermittent hindrances and impediments; at this point, you need to self motivate yourself every moment. For this, you should have a vision board in which you have to write down your goal, the time you need to achieve the goal, stick the images that will ignite your desire and place it where you can view it every morning. To achieve your goal you should always have a definite action plan.

Break down your goals into small pieces

Goals can be anything; you need not to scare or worried about your goals. For better results break up your goals into smaller realistic segments and try to achieve it. Once you accomplish the smaller steps you will a sense of achievement. This makes you more confident and motivated to strive hard to achieve your goals. Even if it is small do not forget to celebrate your achievements.

Check your progress

You should continuously measure your progress in the process of achieving your goal. Though you have already planned and organized your goals, timely monitoring is necessary for its successful accomplishment. This will motivate you to work persistently towards your goal.

Push your comfort zone

A person’s comfort zone is deadly because it makes him stagnant, and never allows him to try new opportunities that lead to growth. If you are a beginner, you need to take small risks that will motivate you to push your limits. Always find a reason to step out of your comfort zone and experiment with new things. Gradually this turned out to be your habit and it will involuntarily make you reframe your comfort zone.  By taking small steps, you will motivate yourself to achieve your goals.

Accept Mistakes

It is a common practice in your life to do trial and error method. On this course of action, mistakes can often happen in your life. Do not get afraid of making mistakes, in fact, it will help you to grow and make you wise. Don’t let your mistake let you down; on other hand make it as an opportunity to achieve your goal. Also, never quit your big dream for your mistake. You always have the option to rectify it and move forward.

Associate with people who motivate you

Remember that you have a goal to achieve. For this, you need to prepare yourself and your surroundings. Always associate and surround with positive people who can motivate you to accomplish the goal. Accept their positive feedback and comments; it will be an advantage for you. Always take a conscious effort to stay away from the negative people.

Keep deadline

Accomplishing your goal is not a continuous process. You need to create your own deadline to achieve the goal. If you create a deadline, your mind will involuntarily decide and motivates you to achieve the goal in the specified time. Though you are systematic, you are often tempted to jump the deadline, at that time always remind your mind about your big dream and its achievement.


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