Effective tips to eliminate negative thoughts

Written by on 29th January 2019

In a study published by National Science Foundation states that an average person has 80 % of negative thoughts, of that 95 % are repetitive. Some of the common negative thoughts like anxiety, fear of failure, insecurity, fear of loss etc. hold you back and makes your life troublesome. In long run, these negative thoughts start controlling your life and hold you back from living the life you want. For better living, you need to consciously take some effort to identify the negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts. Let’s find the tips:

  1. Identify negative thinking: This is the first and the bold step towards changing your negative thinking style. List out the negative thoughts that make you stressful and feel sad. Thoughts such as blaming yourself for anything that went wrong, interpreting the negative side of the situation and personalizing it, overreacting to minor issues are the common negative thoughts that make you discouraged and depressed.
  1. Hold your negative thought immediately: Once you find the negative thoughts disturbing your life, one thing you can do is to replace it with positive thoughts. Allow your mind to separate from negative thoughts and fill your mind with positive energy. You have to intentionally stay away from negative elements such as negative news, films, music, people etc. By practising this you are restructuring your mind to focus on more positive thoughts.
  1. Make your surroundings with positive energy: Just find out what are the negative sources you are surrounded by. In most cases, it will be Television programs (serials, movies, etc), websites, books (magazines), music and some negative people. You need to consciously make an effort to take a step back from all these sources. Another vital thing you need to do is drop the negative words such as disaster, unfortunate, terrible etc.
  2. Practice meditation: Meditation is a process that helps you to detach yourself from emotions and thoughts. It has both mental and physical benefits. By practising meditation you can reduce stress, negative thoughts, depression etc, and it aids to focus on clear and positive thoughts. Mediation is one of the healthy habits that strengths you mentally to control your emotions.
  3. Live the moment: A negative thought is the by-product of your worry. Most of the time you may be worried about your past or anxious about the future. In realty thinking too much about the past and future are in vain. Start your day with positive thoughts and enjoy every moment of the day. Take a conscious effort to spend more time in the present moment. By doing this your negative thoughts naturally fade away and fill your mind with positive energy.


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