How to break the habit of Procrastination

Written by on 1st February 2019

If you have the habit of Procrastination; understand it is your worst enemy towards success. Procrastination is capable of destroying your skills and potential which is vital for your successful life. It might not seem like a big deal for you now but one day you will surely realize the harmful effects of procrastination. Procrastination usually involves ignoring unpleasant or hard tasks and prefers doing enjoyable and easier tasks instead. Many underlying factors trigger us to Procrastinate tasks; some of them are boredom, laziness, fear, stress and anxiety. One thing about procrastination is, it makes easy things hard, hard things harder. Your dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work. Following are some tips which help to break the habit of procrastination.

Create a Do list:

It is a simple strategy yet has a great result. For each and every day create a do list of activities you have to finish. There are many benefits you can achieve from creating a do list. It’s a reminder of your daily tasks. Do list helps to focus on your tasks and encourages to being more productive. Following your do list helps in accomplishing so many tasks successfully. At the end of the day examining your do list gave you a sense of happiness and make you feel proud about your day.

Proper Planning:

Everything requires proper planning to be successfully accomplished.  Act on the appropriate time needs proper planning. Have a clear picture of your tasks and goals in your mind and act responsibly.

Discard Perfectionist behaviour:

A perfectionist is a type of person who does not accept to work if it is not done equivalent to being perfect and this behaviour pattern never let him allow anything to be accomplished, apart from that this also stresses out a lot of people surrounding the person. Some others have fear of failure as well as success. Many have unknown reasons. Whatever excuses you have; don’t let them procrastinate your success.

Use the help of Mobile phone and computer:

Today everyone has a Smartphone and you can use the Note feature in your phone to report your tasks. If you have already prepared, this makes thing a lot easy. Schedule your future activities on the calendar of your computer. This practice helps to lead a well organized and scheduled lifestyle. Self-discipline, Enthusiasm, optimistic feelings and confidence develops if we can complete our tasks on time.

Break huge projects into smaller chunks:

It’s always great to have remarkable dreams and big goals. If you want to achieve your big goals divide it into smaller chunks and work on that. This will make big goals easily manageable and effortless

Don’t hesitate to get help:

Help from others is vital to reach big heights. If you need help don’t hesitate to ask. Find the people who can support and uplift in issues. Try to be surrounded with a successful and positive group.

Reward Yourself:

After completing a big goal and task its always better to treat yourself for your achievement. This will boost your motivation, confidence and fuel up your self-esteem. Rewarding yourself means treating yourself with things and activities you enjoy the most.

Get motivation:  

Always get motivated; reading motivational stories and articles daily can create significant positive changes in your life. YouTube is a great option for feeding your mind with inspirational speeches and videos. Try to spend at least 10 minutes per day for your motivation section.


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