Law of Attraction

Written by on 2nd February 2019

Every form of life is connected to the universe. Law of attraction seems obscure and secret to many. Here our thoughts are energy and our mind acts like a magnet. If your thoughts are powerful and intense enough on a particular thing, according to the law of attraction your thoughts reach out to the universe and the universe itself creates opportunities to make your wish come true. Various interpretations of the law of attraction can be found in the Bible, Quran and Veda’s.

One Kilogram of the magnet can lift iron up to ten kilograms, similar to this if your thought frequencies are intense enough it can attract your dreams to real life. Using the law of attraction we can attract wealth, relationships, health and whatever you wish. How to apply the law of attraction in your life:

There are four important steps in applying a law of attraction successfully in your life

F- Feel

T- Think

B- Believe

A- Act

Feel: it’s important to feel like you already have what you want. For example, suppose you have a dream about owning a beautiful home then you have to feel the experience of living in the new home with your family and visualize about some beautiful moments you wish to happen in your home. It’s not enough to feel about the house only but also remember to feel the end result also, which was going to happen in the far future like living happily in the new house with your kids and grandkids.

Think:  Our thoughts have the power to the thoughts about your dream must be powerful and intense enough to attract towards your life. Never think negative about your dreams and goals because negative thoughts create negative energy always be persistence in maintaining positive and optimistic thoughts about your dreams.

Believe: You must believe that your dreams are going to happen and they already pass the halfway towards your life. Belief is the crucial step in manifesting your desires. Without belief, it’s almost impossible to achieve results from the law of attraction.

Action: appropriate actions must be taken for the fulfilment of your dream. You have to try the opportunities in front of you and knock new doors; they are most likely to be opened for you. Take massive actions confidently. Your dreams are about to come true.


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