How to deal with depression

Written by on 7th February 2019

Today depression is most common among young people and students, a study conducted in America found that one in every ten American adults have depression. The most characteristic feature of depression is the complete loss of interest and pleasure. Nothing seems more attractive, nothing draws more joy from anything. The whole world is seen through depressive glasses that kill any joy and lust for life. This is accompanied by the depressive mood, which can also be well described as inner emptiness. Everything seems to be meaningless and hopeless. Present and future are black.

Once you find that you are suffering from depression don’t try to ignore or reject the fact, instead of that accept it and take appropriate solution. The support of family is essential in recovering from this disorder, never blame or discourage them. Always deal with them with love, compassion, and patience. Most minor depressions can be treated at home and if it doesn’t work don’t hesitate to seek professional medical help. Following are some of the ways to treat depression.


The food you eat plays a key role in preventing depression, some food helps to lift your mood and provide vital nutrients essential for the smooth functioning of the brain along with the maintenance of hormone level. Protein-rich foods, fruits, and vegetable can do the job. It is scientifically proven that chocolates can stimulate the production of endorphin- happy hormone and contains serotonin also known as an antidepressant. You can Google and get your diet ready.


Socializing with friends can do wonders on your depression, having fun with them helps to cure depression symptoms. Always engage in some activities is a great idea. Don’t withdraw from the chances of socializing but always view it as an opportunity to improve your condition as well as personality.

Exercise and Meditation:

Exercises always make you feel better, after a good workout you can feel the positive change in your mood. Many studies show that sport improves depressive illnesses. Even a brisk walk is effective. Meditation is one of the most powerful solutions for fighting against depression. Meditation can relieve symptoms such as depression and related anxiety in a natural way. Those who find themselves in the state of meditation learn how to deal with bad feelings and negative experiences.


Motivation varies from person to person, some get motivated by watching sports and others get motivation by watching inspirational movies. For some get inspirations from reading motivational books and by mingling with friends. Find out your area of motivation and recharge yourself. You can get numerous motivational speeches on YouTube, listening to them may help to get the strength to fight with your depression.

Consult a doctor:

If the symptoms of depression continue for over 4 weeks or you have any suicidal thoughts then consult a doctor immediately. If treatment is done in the initial stage some counselling and medication can bring you back to the normal life.


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