What is the psychology behind black magic?

Written by on 8th February 2019

Black magic is often a controversial subject; still in this era also some claims it has its real effect whereas others claim its absolute stupidity and fake. Black magic is usually a method of a witch or someone who practices these to manipulate the mind of weak people. Arguments and debates about the authenticity of black magic’s are endless though it’s an ancient practice. Many people who are in this business use tricks to fool people and make a good fortune out of this.

There are different forms and a variety of black magic like animal sacrifices, foreseeing, voodoo, curses, Ouija board etc. Usually, in most black magic rituals it’s believed that some evil spirits are summoned to help. Most of the stories you heard about black magic are exaggerated myths or the subconscious hallucination of the orator. In a black magic ritual trance music, which alters people’s consciousness or techniques such as drumming or traditionally psychedelic drugs are used to improve access to the subconscious.

Mostly seen black magic’s are actually purposefully performed magic tricks and convinces people to believe that there is an element of supernatural performance in it. In parapsychology, many studies were conducted about black magic yet no strong evidence was found to validate its authenticity. Through black magic, it’s possible to transfer some thoughts or fear into the mind of weak people.

Who gets affected by black magic?

Black magic is mostly affected and influence people who have a weak conscious level. These people can’t think rationally or act logically. They blindly believe in all sorts of rubbish conspiracies around them. The simple psychology we can apply here is what you believe you receive. The subconscious mind is actually tricking them to believe in black magic and for example, if something coincidently happens in their life in a sudden their mind forces them to believe that as the effect of black magic. On the other side someone who has knowledge and awareness about the world never get confused by this because their conscious level is high.


Final Verdict:

If you believe in black magic it’s possible to have its effect and experiences and if you don’t have any belief in black magic there is absolutely no possibility of black magic influence and effect in your life. Pros and Cons of Black magic’s are only for those who believe in black magic.


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