Importance of disassociation in your life

Written by on 12th February 2019

Disassociation is one of the most important techniques used in mind programming classes. Once you master disassociation technique you can bring everlasting peace and joy into your life. Once you are determined for success and works towards it, there arise many negative forces which pull you back or block your path towards success; these negative forces illustrate here are usually negative people, negative news, negative events etc.

If you want to manage and survive from their destruction it’s important for you to know–how to disassociate from the negative environment. Dissociation is considered as an important defence and coping mechanism. Dissociation is the ability to split something out from your consciousness.

Suppose I give you a glass full of water and ask you to stretch your hand and hold it for ten minutes still without spilling a single drop. It’s not so hard; isn’t it? Again what if I told to hold it for one hour? Your hand probably gets pain. Now think about holding the glass for one whole day without spilling a drop. If so you can’t move your hands afterwards and require professional medical help. What will happen if you hold this glass for a whole month? Without a doubt, I can say your hand is disabled and can’t use further.

Similar to this if we don’t immediately disassociate and forget all the sorrow, troubles, unhappiness and wounds from our mind soon it will destroy our peace and happiness. About 98 percentages of people are carrying a bag fully filled with their painful past memories and experiences.

They still live in their past memories, if we talk to them it’s evident that they habitually refer their past memories as that thing happened; unfortunately, they are unable to let it go. This is the main reason why they can’t achieve the desired result fast. If you want to see an immediate result on your actions there is one important condition that you should unload the burden of your negative past memories and disassociate any negative events

Drop off the glass which is only helpful in hurting your hand. Dump all the memories haunting you. Unload the burden you are hauling because all they can do is make your life more miserable. Are you interested in that? If no there is no shortcut but disassociation from all those things.

Disassociate from negative people, negative environment and whatever you feel uncomfortable and no point in continuing further. If you want to be successful in your life let’s delete all past negative events and memories from your mind on this very moment, and never let them hurt you anymore.


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