Disassociation Techniques

Written by on 13th February 2019

Disassociation we are discussing here is a process of replacing yourself safe from all negative experiences which may steal your joy, peace and happiness. It’s possible to master this technique once you are familiar with this you can find life becomes more meaningful and new opportunities are revealing in front of you. There is a thing called the power of choice, all you have do is utilize its advantage. Following are some techniques about how to disassociate successfully.

Disassociate with negative people:

Peoples usually hate-This feeling can occur naturally in every person. This happens depending on the satisfaction or dissatisfaction with their lives as well as with themselves. The hatred of people develops for purely objective reasons. Out of hate, a person can bring harm to themselves and others around them. If you find people who constantly abuse and try to pull you down its time for disassociating with them because associating with them doesn’t make any sense but only loss and grief.

Disassociate yourself from people who don’t value your dreams, always discourage your ideas, emitting negative vibes. If you don’t disassociate from them remember you are self-destructing. Never try to contact or visits them instead try to delete their memories from your mind. Always surround yourself with those who love you sincerely and desire to see you win.

Disassociate with negative places:

If the place you are living always brings you misfortune and disappointment along with you doesn’t have any attachment to that place then there is no point in staying there, finds a new place. Once Kautilya said Move away from the place which lacks rain, good king and farm. Sometimes another place may bring success to your life. For example, we can find many people around us who once lead a poor life made huge fortune and success after leaving their land and departed to abroad

Disassociate with negative events:

Any stain or dirt on our body can be cleaned easy but it’s not so easy for the mind to cleanse completely horrible experiences. There are people who don’t find themselves comfortable in a drinker’s party or a group of gossipers. If you take part in them you don’t get any positive words or experience; so avoid being there at any cost. Mind reprogramming is an efficient method for removing all the painful memories and events from your life.

Disassociate with negative circumstances:

There are situations in life where you have to deal with negative circumstances. For example, if you are performing extraordinarily in your workplace then there are chances that others feel jealousy and hatred towards you. As a result, you have to face a group attack or abuse. While confronting this circumstance it’s important to disassociate; be mentally absent from these circumstances.

 Disassociate with negative emotions:

This is one of the most important practices you must learn to disassociate from your life; we all have some negative emotions such as anger, irritation, hatred, fear, sadness, jealousy etc. They can cause severe damage to you physically and mentally. Once you learn to disassociate with these negative feelings and emotions you can enjoy life at its best.


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