Does horoscope really influence your life?

Written by on 15th February 2019

We are all familiar with horoscope. Astrology and Horoscopes are originated centuries ago it’s an ancient practice where people assume that celestial bodies influence life on earth. India according to the Hindu tradition weddings and other ceremonies are carried out after considering the right time and the influence of horoscope. Horoscope and astrology play the main role in the life of many Indians.

But there are numerous incidents which prove that many weddings done at the perfect time and under the supervision of right horoscope ends up miserably; the paradox is millions leads a happy life all around the world without considering horoscope and astrology.  Though people are still deeply influenced by horoscope and astrology related kinds of stuff. Horoscope can be found all over the world in different forms and variety like Alchemist Horoscope, Arab Horoscope, Aztec Horoscope, Celtic Horoscope, Chinese Horoscope, Egyptian Horoscope, Hindu Horoscope, Mayan Horoscope, Western Horoscope, and the list goes on.

The stars determine or influence our lives.” This is the basic assumption of astrology.  A large percentage of Indians believe that their zodiac influences their lives and character.  75 per cent at least occasionally read a horoscope for many it’s just entertainment stuff. And the horoscope writers know how to get them with the Barnum effect. If you study closely, astrology and horoscope is a game of psychology. Every astrologist says about the probability of some event happening in your life based on the static data from the stars, planets and times you born.

They are simply telling this event may more likely to happen or may not. There are only probabilities but no guarantee or surety. To be more precisely; in horoscope or astrology Concrete predictions of life, events are not possible. It’s assumed that there is a connection between the movement of certain celestial bodies and events on Earth. Above all, the personality and destiny of humans should depend on which heavenly bodies stood at the time of his birth. Many studies and experiments were conducted in science and parapsychology yet haven’t got any proof to validate this statement.

Consider that going to an astrologer is equivalent to psychological counselling. People go to an astrologer are usually passing through the hard times of their life and have confusions in making decisions. Most of them are depressed and confused. People who have no idea about their future or hopeless also consult an astrologer to know whether there is a chance of hope.

An astrologer tries to uplift and motivates the spirit of the person consulting him. They usually tell their clients that the bad time will pass soon and for that, you should do some religious ceremonies or temple visits to overcome the obstacles in their life. In fact, they are giving some positive messages which are a great relief for a weak mind. Actually, it’s a psychological play which gives hope to that person and made him believe that his troubles will pass and good time visits him.

Ultimately our thoughts and actions created our life there is no effect or influence of horoscope in our life. Don’t let the misinterpretations and hoax of horoscope prevent your life from successful happy life that you deserve. Horoscope can’t influence your conscious mind. God’s presence is always in your mind, nothing else can work beyond that. So take Horoscopes as a counselling tool only.


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