How to love your job

Written by on 16th February 2019

Many people complain about their job, a study shows that one in four people is dissatisfied with their job and they don’t really love working on their current job. Many factors like work environment, unhealthy completion, non-cooperative colleague and awful management etc can make your working hours stressful and horrible.

For many, their job is just an opportunity to make money and pay their bills. If you work in a profession which you don’t really love, it will never bring you success. So find a job which suits your passions and satisfies your interests. Once Confucius said, “Choose a profession that you love, and you do not need to work more in your life every day.”

If you continue in a job which you hate doesn’t benefit you as well as your organization; So if you opt to work there at least try to start changing your attitude towards the job. There are many people who are still unemployed and suffering without a job by comparing them you are lucky enough to have a job; so it’s reasonable to be grateful that you got a job while others trying hard to get one.

Try to find out the positive and ignore the negatives. If you focus on negative you will only find negatives of your organization and co-workers. If you continue with this attitude no place can satisfy you, Instead of finding negatives shift your view towards the positive things of your workplace this practice will definitely change your approach towards the job.

Stop struggling with your job and make yourself believe that it is temporary and will pass. Try to communicate openly with your co-workers and boss; try to convey your problems and demands. In most cases, they will understand you. No one will never know you need if you don’t tell them.

If nothing works you can choose resignation as the last resort before that makes sure you have a new job waiting. Always start your job hunt discreetly without broadcasting, but it doesn’t mean that disappearing suddenly in a day. Always give prior notice period once you decided to quit. It is always better to find a job that you love or try to love what you do


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