How to develop a kind heart

Written by on 15th May 2019


Why be kind? Because it’s free, simple to do, cheap, it requires a minimum commitment and energy. Can kindness change the world? Yes! it can Make the world a better place for sure. Kindness and its qualities can be cultivated consciously and intentionally as well as trust, patience or joy. A kind act addressed to another one would be like a boomerang that returns to the sender enriched with strength and positive energy.

You could start with small daily actions, in the family, at work, on the street … putting kindness in actions and relationships in the first place “Kindness in words creates trust. Kindness in thought creates depth. Kindness in giving creates love” says Lao Tzu.

Try to be kind, even with those who don’t deserve it. and it’s really simple, just a few words and a few gestures. Discover the pleasures of kindness. Being polite and kind is good for the body and the mind. Improves mood, strengthens human relationships, and prolongs life as a couple. So why do we waste kindness with so many angry or rude behaviors? We need kindness, like an antibiotic, to treat the disease at risk of infection that has been spreading in our daily lives. We need it between our neighbors, workplaces, family, and friends; in short all around us need kindness.

Gratitude is an important quality which helps us to cultivate kindness in our heart, never forget to use the word “Thank You” when someone had done something for you. Every person at least once in his life has thought about how to become kinder and calmer. Recently, the concept of “kindness” has gone out of fashion. People become more aggressive and irritable. This is due to constant fatigue, personal problems, and complex relationships.

To break the circle of negativity, you have to make a little effort. Scientists found that a kind person lives much longer than a villain. To soften the character and develop kindness, follow these simple steps:

* Learn to empathize:  When problems arise with loved ones, don’t be indifferent and find excuses to escape from the scene. Decide to give a friendly shoulder, and this will become a habit. Try to help not only with advice but also with actions.

* Be grateful: Every day we are faced with the fact that someone provides us with a particular service. But are you sincerely grateful? Feel free to say “thank you” to the stranger who tells you the time or the route.

* Don’t focus on others negative qualities:  Rather focus on their bright side.  It turns out that becoming kinder is simple: keep positive memories. Make compliments, instead of noticing various imperfections and inaccuracies,

* Think first and then talk: Don’t throw biting sentences. Remember: sensitivity is the ability to choose expressions even in the most provoking situation.





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