Follow your Passions- Motivation from Jonathan Livingston Seagull 

Written by on 10th June 2019

From the story of Jonathan Livingston Seagull; he is unique from all his folks, he had a passion and also had the courage to pursue his dream. The passion of Jonathan was to fly. Due to his persistence training and determination, he reached great heights his group members can’t even dreamed about. Jonathan is curious, wants to question and discover everything and to realize his dreams. In this story, the author talks about freedom, about self-realization, about the life of one’s own dreams, and creates a work full depth of wisdom with this amazing story.

The courage to follow one’s own heart and dreams is always in the center, in every line. If you want to be successful, experience the life at its best; discover the purpose in your life. For all these, you must follow your passions and it will reveal the answer for everything. When it comes to choosing a career planning or searching for some motivation in internet we usually came across this golden phrase-“Follow Your Passion”!

Are you really following your passion? Your passions and interests are no coincidence. They show you your way. No matter what, you will NEVER lose anything, but always win. It not only makes life easier, more fulfilling and simply amazing but also loaded with extremely high benefits. Before following your passions you must first identify your passions. If you go to a job every day that you hate and returns exhausted from work and watching TV. At the end of the day, you sleep and return back to the same job. Do you feel like you are leading a robotic life? If this is like your daily routine then it’s a clear indication that you haven’t discovered or following your passions. Ask yourself “WHAT are the things you would do if money did not matter? “WHAT would you do if you only had one more year to live”?

How to identify your passion:

Your passion is something you are mostly looking forward to. Your passion is what you love so much which you do not need any external motivation to do it. Passion makes us persevere when setbacks or critics come; Passion survives short-term enthusiasm; It makes our eyes sparkle when we talk about our ideas or interests, and the Passion infects people who see and hear it. Follow your passions, follow your heart and the things you need will come to life.

Following are some questions which help to identify your own passion:

  • Which topics and questions fascinate and interest you for years?
  • In which topics can you immerse yourself for hours?
  • Are there any questions that you are always enthusiastic about?
  • In which tasks does time seem to pass by in flight?
  • What kind of tasks do you want when you are bored?
  • Are there any jobs and tasks that you keep dreaming about?
  • Which works do you perform well?
  • What topics can you talk with enthusiasm?
  • Are there any topics that your friends and family can no longer hear because you keep talking about them?
  • What does your ideal job and workplace look like?
  • Which of your skills are you proud of?
  • Which professional alternatives have you repeatedly considered?
  • What would you do if your financial situation were secured?
  • What values and topics are particularly important to you in your life?
  • What qualities and skills do your friends appreciate about you?
  • Is there any work you would like to do in 20 or 30 years?
  • Which tasks do you feel so comfortable with?
  • Which works give you the feeling of doing something meaningful?
  • For which projects do you like to invest over time and overtime?
  • Are there any tasks that you would like to take on voluntarily?
  • Can you spontaneously name favorite topics and areas of interest?
  • How do you want to inspire other people?

Try to think and find answers to these above questions, from the conclusion you can discover your passion. Following that passion will give you the fuel to fly high in life.



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