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Jonathan Livingston Seagull is an evergreen classic story written by Richard Bach. This book the protagonist is Jonathan Livingstone, who is a seagull. The book illustrates the life and dream of the seagull; hither, the author was displaying a metaphor towards our life with the life of Jonathan Livingston. This is one of the stories loaded with motivations and inspiration for people from every age groups and cultures. This book has influenced millions of people across the globe. You may get priceless teachings and insights while going through each chapter, here is a small summary of the book.

The seagull Jonathan is different from his fellow species: curious and hungry for the vastness of the sea and the sky. Jonathan wants to learn experience and understand everything. He is in love with flying – and with freedom.

From his youth, a seagull named Jonathan Livingston is concerned by the meaningless and purposeless life of fellow seagulls that only care about their daily struggle for food. Inspired by the passion for perfection, Jonathan devotes himself entirely to the study of flying as art and purpose of life rather than wandering for food.  Jonathan’s training and passion for flying cant accepted by his peer group, they viewed his performance as crazy and starts to demotivate him but he was not ready to lose his dream for the opinion of others. At some point, he cannot dwell by the rules of elder seagulls and they outcast him from the group. When Jonathan was expelled from the group, he led the calm life of the loner and did not suffer from loneliness. He completely devoted himself to improving his flying abilities.

One day Jonathan encounters two glowing seagulls that lead him into a “more perfect reality” – heaven, the next, better world that can be achieved through his own improvement. This world is inhabited by seagulls dedicated to the art of flying. In the New World; Jonathan meets Chiang, the wise seagull elder. Chiang becomes Jonathan’s mentor and teaches him to fly at speed in space and time. According to Chiang, the secret of success is realizing your purpose and passions. Chiang also taught Jonathan about the concept of love and forgiveness.

After a while, Jonathan decides to return to earth to pass on his knowledge to the peers who once dispelled him from the group. Jonathan assembles a small group of seagulls and starts to teach them how to fly. After an impressive success of Jonathan’s pack more and more seagulls joined him. Jonathan soon transfers his role as a mentor to one of his first disciples, Fletcher, and he leaves the earthly world and continues the path of perfection.

Livingston Seagull is a story of dream, passion, and struggles towards success.  This story reminds us of the importance of believing in yourself and neglecting the negative experience or words from others and follows your dreams.

“Don’t believe what your eyes are telling you. All they show is limitations. Look with your understanding. Find out what you already know and you will see the way to fly.”- Richard Bach, Jonathan Livingston Seagull




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