Ways to access the power of your Subconscious Mind

Written by on 9th July 2019

The Power of the Subconscious: The secrets of harmony, health, and happiness. You will gain wealth and well-being, you will acquire youth and vitality again, you will find inner peace, and you will discover new sources of energy. Here are some easy ways to open the door of your subconscious mind and make it work for you.

Meditation and Visualization:

We have all heard about the many benefits of meditation. All you need to know is that when you meditate you move from the boundary of the conscious to the subconscious and start a sort of integration process. The reason we focus on our breathing while meditating because this is one of the actions that can be controlled by both the conscious mind and the subconscious.

As you descend into a state of extreme relaxation and peace, you become a mix between your conscious and your subconscious, until both unite and transcend into a state of ‘super-consciousness’. It is during this process that you can easily release old paradigms and install new ones. Just visualize your intention while you meditate.


Hypnosis works in a way that looks a lot like meditation, the only difference and advantage is that there is someone who will guide you at every step. Many people believe that meditation and visualization do not work. Precisely for this reason, a good hypnotherapist can be of great help. His voice and his instructions are gentle but authoritative. It will teach you to relax and you will be in an environment that you will feel more suited to this experience. There are still other methods that can be explored and there is also a wide variety of guided meditations, which will help you enter a state of deep relaxation.



Sleep, like meditation, is a time when the boundary of the two minds becomes weak. How many times do you find yourself asleep thinking of all the things you don’t want to do tomorrow or have already been underlined by the past? Have you ever fallen asleep thinking about work, stress, all the tasks to be performed tomorrow or simply your loneliness?

This is an unfortunate side effect of a culture that teaches us to fight and fear, rather than focus on creating what we love. Perhaps you don’t realize, that while you are asleep, you are just pouring these ideas into their purest form in your subconscious. While you fall asleep, you are essentially a small coin thrown into the giant well of your subconscious.

If night after night you continue to put stress and negativity in the large well of the subconscious, It would almost attract them the next day.

As you fall asleep, think about the things you want. Sleep with positive and pleasant thoughts. You will begin to fill your subconscious with positivity. The next day you will wake up happy and relaxed and your subconscious will begin to get busy to meet your goals.



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