Importance of Focus in Life

Written by on 15th July 2019

Steve Jobs said that the focus is not to decide what to do, but what not to do. People often agree that narrowing one’s focus can be very useful, but few know how to do it. This is because they are often not clear about how to focus on a practical level.

Every hour, every moment, each one of us is choosing what we do and what we do not do, and in this way, we are deciding our destiny and our life. The things that happen to us, often are the result of a choice, are the consequence of decisions made in the past.

Successful people are not necessarily smarter or they don’t  have more resources than unsuccessful people ; in reality what most differentiates them is that successful people are focused on some activity that brings them closer to their objectives, they know how to focus, while people who do not have it are doing something that relaxes them, entertains them, makes them feel comfortable and safe, or they are just killing time. Therefore, the focus is something crucial, how we focus our mind determines the results we get.

To stay focused, we must ask ourselves these questions continuously:

What are the activities that add value to my life?

Which of my professional tasks contribute more profitability to my business?

Which is the best way I can utilize my time?

Am I focused on the task that brings me closer to my goal or does I allow my surroundings to distract me?

Decide what the best task is in each moment and focus for long periods to complete it, develop the mental power of the approach, which will help you attract people, opportunities and resources to achieve what you have proposed.

The things that matter most, should never be subordinated to the things that matter least. Use the Pareto principle to your help. In the same way, you should never leave aside the tasks that bring you closer to your goals, to attend to the tasks of other people. Before helping other people, you must first help yourself.

Become aware that you are choosing your destination hour by hour. Procrastination is the biggest enemy of success, leaving things for another time is moving us away from our goals. The practice is the only thing that develops the skill, so start today to practice success, focusing on those activities that drive your goals.

“I’m not smarter than others; I’ve just learned to focus more time on the same task.” -Albert Einstein.


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