How to keep in Touch with Lifeline?

Written by on 17th July 2019

Lifeline has positively influenced the lives of millions across the globe, numerous unique training programs and workshops created massive transformation on the life of our participants.  lifeline was tirelessly experimenting with different ideas and possibilities which contribute success in an individual’s life. Motivation and guidance are the basic elements of a successful life. Lifeline always holds interested in providing effective motivation and valuable guidance to the betterment of society. Motivations are the fuel which insists you move forward and inspire you to get back into action. Lifeline was effectively utilizing the possibilities of the internet, technology, and social media to reach millions of our participants. Keeping touch with lifeline is now simplified for everyone. Here are some of the ways to connect with us regularly.

YouTube Channel:

Lifeline has a YouTube Channel called “Lifeline TV”; where the essence of our entire valuable information exclusive from copyrights is uploaded regularly. These videos prove very useful for our previous participants as well as those who are planning to attend our program. Numerous watching our motivation videos all over the world and exploit their advantage. Helpful topics from diverse fields are discussed in this channel also the queries we are receiving via emails are also answered on this platform.  Subscribe to this channel and get notified of all our frequently uploaded videos.

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E-Learning method is very popular at this time; this is a virtual training program with the help of the internet, every day you can learn topics of 10 minutes duration using our E-learning. This feature is helpful for those who have difficulties in attending our courses or people who are in abroad. Our E-learning application is available on Android as well on IOS platforms. Subscribing lifeline’s E-learning is an excellent way to get motivated daily.

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Lifeline Partner Program:

This is our latest feature under progress, Lifeline Affiliated program works similar to Amazons affiliated marketing. This feature is beneficial for our affiliated partners to earn credits points. As you know lifeline was organizing programs after conducting various researches and preparation, obviously they are costly. This feature is introduced to reduce the cost and offer attractive discounts for our participants. When a member joins our affiliated program a unique Id and password will be provided, and their reference will earn them some credit points. This credit points can be used to attend our program, abroad training trips and purchase from lifeline products. More details of this program will be revealed shortly.

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