Secrets of the Wealthy

Written by on 24th July 2019

 There is a complete contradiction between how super-rich people and average peoples view towards wealth. Some of them are; Average earners think that money is the root of evil. Rich think that poverty is the root of evil. Average earners consider it selfish to make themselves happy, they are afraid to be so happy because something unhappy may happen. Rich people consider it a gift and virtue. Average earners believe that wealth is a matter of luck. Rich people hold money for the result of initiative and hard work. Average earners believe in education, degrees, and titles. The rich believe in knowledge and experience in their field. Average earners believe that everything was better in the old days. Rich people believe in the future. Average earners believe that without investment or inheritance you have no chance to start. Rich people use other people’s money. Some of the secrets of wealthy people are given below:

They are the master of their destiny

Rich people think that they can shape their own lives. Poor people think that life happens. Rich people talk about what they can control and change. Poor people talk about other people. They are always prepared to take the victim role. By three factors you recognize a person who has taken the victim role: accuse, justify, and complain.

Stay away from these people. They attract poverty like a magnet attracts iron

Rich people, on the other hand, seek responsibility in them and ask themselves: “What can I do to change my situation significantly?

They are willing to pay the price

Ask in your society: “Do you want to get rich?”Everyone will of course immediately call “yes”.But that’s not enough. Just wanting to get rich is not enough. You also have to pay a price.

Now; what is the price for that?

Time, sweat, pain, stress, rejection, insecurity and more. Most people are unwilling to pay this price. And that’s why they never get rich. Nobody gets rich by watching the favorite movie on his couch. The highest price is usually convenience. And that’s exactly what you recognize a poor person: comfort is his top priority.

Think big

Think big because any way you have to think. Small but nice – this is the saying that always brings down the one who is afraid to think big. Dare to dream. Dream big. Live big. That’s how you inspire others to do it. Remember, you always get what you want. If you want something small, you will receive something small. A poor person wants to own a shop. Rich people want to operate a shopping chain including thousands of shops.


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