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Written by on 27th July 2019

Many people want to know the difference between Lifeline and other training programmes. They feel that Lifeline and other trainers are engaged in some sort of competition.

But the true fact is that there is no such competition at all. During the last one year, Dr P P Vijayan, the founder of Lifeline, trained around 4,000 people. So if he continues his programmes for ten more years, Dr Vijayan can give training to another 40,000 people.

However, this is a small number compared to the population of Kerala. So, naturally, more trainers should come into the field. Dr Vijayan has personally mentored 112 mind trainers, who are conducting programmes at many places. These mind trainers follow a value system and code of conduct. They can guide people, but the number is still far insufficient.

Now consider a small country like Singapore. Its area is only one-third of some districts in Kerala, but Singapore has around 3,000 professional trainers to motivate and inspire people. The effect of the work done by so many trainers is clearly visible in Singapore. The small nation is one among the most advanced, developed and wealthiest in the world.

The programmes of Lifeline are based on elaborate research carried out by Dr Vijayan and team. Dr Vijayan has not only gained experience teaching at various leading universities around the world, but he has also done research to impart the knowledge to participants at his programmes.

Lifeline functions as an extended family. People who attend a programme later bring all their family members to the subsequent events. Interactions with the staff at Lifeline are also noted for their warmth.

On the other hand, Lifeline has always distinguished between good money and bad money. In the application window for its programmes, Lifeline clearly mentions that if the participant is not satisfied with the event, refund could be availed. Lifeline does not want to make profit when a participant has a grievance against it.

Lifeline desires that the participants not only follow the lessons they learn at the programmes but also research more into what they practise. During the programmes, precise and documented notes are given. However, Lifeline does not encourage money transactions between participants and the staff. In fact, such dealings are virtually banned.

There is an adage that one should never sow sin. This is followed sincerely at Lifeline.

Lifeline imparts its knowledge through Facebook, YouTube channel, e-learning etc. Many people save important lessons on their mobiles for easy reference. Each workshop of Lifeline offers a three-month support system. Multisensory accelerated learning technology is employed by Lifeline.

Some persons have expressed doubts whether the cost of Lifeline programmes aren’t high. But useful events like the Billionaire Mindset programme would cost a participant one-third of similar workshops organized by other entities at cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad.

Again, Lifeline does not consider these other trainers as competition. On the other hand, Lifeline recognizes them as agencies engaged in carrying out a crucial role for the good of all.



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