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Written by on 31st July 2019

Mind your surroundings and Employees

You are not alone and your business consists of a group of people. Count these employees as your greatest asset. If you decide to market your product, you need to pay attention to your employees. You have your vision of things, but it would be absurd to apply that vision without discussing it with them. Keep in mind that you do not have control over good ideas … and yes, others may have better ideas! Watch out for their well-being and make sure they are satisfied with their production. Do not think that this human aspect is a waste of time. On the contrary, you will soon see the positive impact on your company in the long term. Compliment and reward your staff for their work. They will be more open and fulfilled once they hear they are doing a good job. Do not focus on the negative because they are often well aware when an error has occurred. Do not be impatient and never criticize people in public. Always give your employees another chance when they made a mistake. If one or more of them do not get  100% involved, it may be because they are not in the right place in the business. Do not react immediately by dismissal,  but examine his skills and motivation. Maybe another function  would suit him better


Make yourself visible

Do not stay behind your desk. On the contrary, go out, meet a lot of people and talk to them. When talking with employees, customers or consumers, note down all their ideas and questions. Take the visit card of your meetings (this will always serve you!) And make sure to answer their question. To work, choose people who are in tune with you. In this way, you maintain a uniform corporate culture but also friendly  … while avoiding internal conflicts! And keep in mind that all the beginnings are difficult, even that of a company. If your business does not work, do not be discouraged. It is our mistakes that we learn the most useful lessons. So analyze,  think and understand why it did not work. If you find the answer to the reasons for this failure, needless to say, you will not make the same mistake twice.


Good knowledge of the field is essential

You need to ask yourself about your knowledge of the field in which you want to start your business. To begin, do market research, develop a list of your competitors and measure all the steps of your project. It is usually an overwhelming passion that stimulates to start a business. But as great as it is, passion is not enough. It is possible that if you do not have the required expertise to be able to satisfy the targeted clients… in this case, do not give up but know how to surround yourself. You can fill that gap by looking for training and expertise through work experiences. This allows you to have a concrete idea of the day-to-day activities and to learn from mistakes…! However, the expertise can develop through volunteer activities, which will also have the advantage of making you known as a future entrepreneur and developing your business empire.


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