Ten Levels of Billionaire Mindset Program

Written by on 5th August 2019

Lifeline present Billionaire Mindset Training program, which is one of the most sought after training program which addresses the entire fields in creating wealth. This program is a byproduct of intense research and studies lifeline conducted more than 12 years. Internationally renowned mind trainer and spiritual scientist Dr. PP Vijayan’s vast experiences and several years of hard work play a key role in creating the program a life changer for numerous participants. All the syllabuses and topics from the world’s Top Business universities like Stanford, Hayward, etc was taken and through intense filtration and refining process finally, all the essence from the accumulated knowledge was presented in a capsule form to our participants. Undoubtedly Billionaire Mindset is an invaluable and eye-opening set of knowledge revealed in front of you. Attending Billionaire Mindset program is as effective as obtaining MBA business degree from a top university. 10 Levels in this extensive training program are given below

BMS Level-1: Billionaire Mindset Igniter

This is the first level, where your mind get started by a spark of knowledge and ideas. This is the process of laying a strong foundation for creating wealth in your life. The major topics covered in this level are

* Mind and Success

* Psychology of wealth

*How to leverage your work.

*How to develop Mastermind.

*Good money and bad money

* Seven different types of wealth

*Spirituality and wealth

*Core values.

*Billionaire Goal setting.

*Different Startup Methods

* Risk Management

* Business Models

* Law of attraction in creating wealth

*How to create a Blueprint

*Reprogramming of the subconscious mind and thinking pattern

* Financial intelligence to become rich

*Technological Revolution in business

*Fast and Smart Money making Habits

*How to Think Big

*Strategies and Methods of Billionaires

BMS Level-2:  Wealth Multiplier

This is the second level in Billionaire Mind-Set. This level deals with numerous possibilities and techniques in improving and maintaining your existent wealth.

*The Enlighten Billionaire

* Art of Delegation

* One Minute Manager

*Vision board,

*Grooming and Image Management

* Business Etiquette and Dining Etiquette,

*Real Estate investment tips

*Negotiation skills and advanced leverage,

*Belief transformation,

*Time management

*New Trends in Entrepreneurs.

*Succession planning

*Kaizen top quality management

BMS Level-3-: Business strategies for CEO

This is the entirely different study deals with the most advanced skills and functioning of a successful CEO. Deep study and training will be provided in each of the following topics.

*Leadership Styles and Strategies

*Choosing the right people

*ERP Software and useful Business Apps for SME’s in India

BMS Level-4: Soul Mastery

Understanding the purpose of your soul is most important because it leads you to the life you want. The core knowledge from all major religions and teachings are perfectly blended and presented to you. Also, major researches scientific studies conducted about the soul is discussed. This section consists of several training sections to open and connect with your inner soul.

BMS Level-5:  Marketing strategies

As we study the life of billionaires one thing is clear, that they are very good at selling their product. Every successful businessman had done a great job at marketing their product. This study will give you in-depth techniques and tips in marketing your product and build your brand.

* Unique and Innovative Business Ideas

* Latest trends in marketing

* Internet and social media marketing

* Sales promotion, Advertising, and Public Relation

* Customer service

* Positioning in Marketing

* Pricing Policy

*Accelerating Cash Flow

*Mastering the Science of Selling

*Force Multiplier Strategy

*Life-Changing Formula


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