How to cope with loss

Written by on 14th August 2019


Usually, all people have to accept losses on their lives. So, sooner or later, each of us must learn to process a loss. It becomes problematic if we refuse to accept that losses which are an inevitable necessity for our personal growth.

If we have to accept big losses, we put in all our energy. It’s hard for us to look at the other side of the coin. It helps us to realize that what was lost for us has been very valuable for a certain time in our lives.

Every loss we suffer gives us an experience that will make us stronger and wiser.

The experiences of a significant loss, such as the death of a special person, a past love the end of a friendship; leaves us with a feeling of helplessness and great emptiness. We feel sadness, anger, anxiety and emotional ups and downs. It is a time of grief that manages each person in their way.

This bereavement is a complex process. Life means to go through many highs and lows, as in a roller coaster.

When we decide to accept what happened, we suddenly find ourselves in an ocean of agony and despair. We take a step forward and fall back. By feeling and perceiving the entire process, we can finally regain our inner balance.

Each person processes their loss in their rhythm and different ways. Rejection is part of this process. It serves to shield us from feelings for which we are not yet ready. In times of deep losses, people feel numb. They do not understand why they have no contact with their feelings. The repressed emotions and feelings are hidden deep within them, as they contain a lot of pain. We first allow these repressed sensations to be felt when we are sufficiently prepared to process them.

The way out of pain is to live through it. This is an essential part of pain management. We cannot avoid the emotions and pain our losses cause us. When we are prepared to face the loss, we feel the pain that comes with it. Trying to avoid those feelings will cause us to continue to suffer.  What is important cannot be lost. What we have experienced and felt, we carry with us. It has changed us and made us what we are today. Therefore, there is no point trying to avoid the fears associated with loss. Because the only thing we bring with us is the one we felt.

Remember all our pain will fade eventually, time will heal everything…






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