What things a Woman Desires in a relationship?

Written by on 20th August 2019

Attention and tenderness:

The important thing is not to exaggerate. Do not follow each one of her steps, do not call her a hundred times a day and do not overwhelm her with messages. A few simple and sincere questions will make her understand that she is really important to you. Do not forget to ask her how her day was, how she feels and what she thinks. Girls need these questions.

Be positive:

Psychologists say that the man and the woman engaged in a relationship are like two containers united with each other. If one of them is filled with good waves, the other will be filled with the same energy. A good state of mind is always one of the best gifts a man can give a woman – and vice versa. Smile more, share your positive emotions with her and the result will be a healthy relationship.


Of course, we all go through extremely difficult days where we want to drop everything, crumble in bed and cry all day. But according to science, women are much more emotional and feel more sadness, despair, and depression than men. That’s why, in these moments, they want to have someone who can support them and promise them that everything will be fine.


It seems so obvious that the explanations are not necessary. However, do not underestimate the fact that women need the honesty of men. If you do not want to spend the evening with her and you prefer to be with your friends, tell her. Do not invent stupid excuses saying that you have too much work to do. Any woman can tell the difference between truth and lies, even if the latter seems harmless to you. Always tell her the truth.


Like trust, respect is a basic value, fundamental to any relationship. It helps build a strong relationship every day. This respect must be mutual, respect for oneself and respect for others. In other words, it is important to respect and respect for each other. To have good self-esteem is not to think that one is better than the others, but simply to think sincerely that we have a true human dignity, in the same way as the others have one. If you think about it, others will recognize your value and by interaction, you will recognize and respect that of others.

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