Importance of being a role model for your children

Written by on 29th August 2019

Being a role model for your child is obviously one of the most difficult tasks in the world. First of all, a parent must have the ability to know how to put himself in the shoes of a child to understand what he really needs, and this, as we shall see, is a fundamental function. One of the important aspect consists is the parent’s ability to express and show affection, which can be transmitted to the child, This is a very important function because it is precisely through the perception of emotions that the child “builds” his effective relationship towards the world.

In addition, the ability to recognize the child’s psychological needs, which are as important as physical ones, allows one to be able to tune into the child’s emotional states, get in touch with him and find the tools to encourage and comfort him. If we want to teach our child a good relationship with others, we must show that we have a good relationship with others. Parents, adults, are the example, they are the mirror in which the child is reflected to look for a model to internalize and make his own to learn new things. We are their point of reference. They imitate us. Parents must understand their active role.

Most children listen to what we say, some even do what we say, but all children do what we do. So it’s clear that children follow our example, not our advice. In fact, you will realize that as your child grows, they will try to imitate your behavior and may even be aware of the behavior patterns that you did not know you possessed see reflected on your child. Being a parent means being an example so that children can shape their own life patterns.

As a parent, you have to watch what you do in front of your kids and what kind of lifestyle you live because your children pay attention to every single thing that you do and they imitate you. Children observe everything, so what you say must be accompanied by a representative action: if, as a parent, you give him some advice, but do the opposite, your child will probably pay more attention to what you do rather than what you say.

There will be many occasions when your child will complain that you do not do what you preach by example, which will also help you realize your weaknesses and defects. It’s simple right now, would you want your children to be like you? If your answer is NO then its time to change that. Be a good role model for them. Live in such a way that when your children think of justice, affection and integrity they think of you

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