How to Defeat Procrastination?

Written by on 16th September 2019

We all have the tendency to put off doing things to another day. However, this habit leads us to very serious problems most of the time.

Take the case of this 32-year-old Keralite lady who earlier worked in another state. She had high qualifications and held a highly paid job.

The young woman developed and affection for a youth who was also her colleague. The lady felt like expressing her love for him but kept postponing the matter.

Many weeks passed. However, the young woman could not reveal her mind to the youth. Sometime later, the young man’s alliance was fixed with another woman and the wedding soon took place. The Keralite woman was distraught over the development and quit her job as she could not bear the emotional stress.

She then came to Kochi and accepted another post that earned her half her earlier salary. These events remained as a trauma in the mind of the young woman and haunted her whenever a proposal for marriage came.

Most of us put off matters like washing clothes or visiting a barber. However, take a doctor, a Fireman or a rescue worker. Can a doctor postpone action when the condition of a patient worsens? Can a Fireman delay travel to the scene of the fire after he receives an alert? Can a rescue worker remain inert when a disaster is reported?

Procrastination affects students too. They put off learning subjects they are adept at, finally spending a limited time for the purpose just before the exams. This leads to a loss of at least 20-30 percent of the marks they would have scored if diligent preparations had been carried out.

In private offices too at least 40 percent loss of efficiency is reported owing to procrastination. Similarly, we postpone matters related to health and finally end up with various ailments. In other words, the loss caused by procrastination is huge.

People often wonder why they procrastinate. The reasons are many. On many occasions, boredom leads us to postpone doing things. In other cases, rejection we faced earlier is the cause. Frustration, lack of sufficient information regarding the task, a feeling of inadequacy, heavy workload, worry and anxiety are some of the other causes.

Life does not feel fulfilled if things are put off. In other words, there will be no happiness for people who procrastinate. Moreover, career and relationships suffer. Some things become impossible to achieve in life.

For instance, imagine having hot food. If you do not eat it when it is still warm, you can never relish a freshly prepared meal.

We develop guilt as a result of failing to complete tasks on time. This leads to low self-esteem. It also severely affects our confidence. As a result, we do not acquire many skills. We lose direction and focus in life.

Some people think too hard and are anxious whether they would be able to handle success. This too can lead to procrastination. Likewise, others are worried about possible failure. Yet others fear situations in which conflict is involved. A still another section has unknown reasons to postpone tasks.


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