How then can you overcome the habit of procrastination?

Written by on 17th September 2019

Making your mobile phone a tool is a good idea. We can prepare a ‘do’ list which will help up identify tasks we have to do each day. This not only gives us an idea of what we should do the next day but also the necessary energy and focus.

When we procrastinate, we lose focus. When we do things on time, we gain confidence.

The ‘Note’ option in mobiles also helps us tackle procrastination. The ‘Calendar’ in Microsoft Office is yet another tool to counter this problem.

While taking action, stick to your schedule and be prepared all the time. In fact, self-discipline, optimism and enthusiasm develop as a result of doing things on time. We need to exercise time management too. It has been proved that motivation is high for people who are particular about timely action. Such persons develop a pattern in life and their energy level too would be high. Using mind power too helps us stick to schedules.

Now consider a person who wishes to write a book. Doing around five pages a day is not a difficult task. So if 100 days are dedicated for the purpose, the entire book can be completed in that period.

Sometimes, we may have to delegate tasks. Ensure that this too is done as per schedule. To finish activities on time, we have to possess specific tools and avail the services of the right people, who need to be motivated at frequent intervals.

A task can be divided into several small sections and each of them can be taken up one at a time. Students can consider following this method. They can dedicate a specific time for studies every day and learn that day’s lessons. It will help them perform best in the exams.

The most handy tool available for time management is the mobile phone. Now there are several apps which can support us in this regard.

When we internalize our goal, we can complete each task as it emerges. This leads us to a situation where we may have no pending work to do. Such a condition is necessary for entrepreneurs. It also gives us time to spend with our families.

Incidentally, there are several enterprises that have collapsed owing to procrastination. This may be connected with delay in filing tax papers, lethargy in introducing new products or innovations and putting off expansion plans.

In fact, procrastination is our big enemy. It is a major evil. But if a dream is kept alive in the mind, it will motivate us to act on time, ultimately leading us to achieve great success in life.


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