What makes you happy?

Written by on 1st October 2019

The answer may be different for different people.
What makes everyone happy generally?
The answer is purely scientific. The happiness of a person is based on the balanced release of four
chemicals – endorphins, dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin – collectively known as happy hormones.
How do we get all these chemicals?
Obviously, you can neither get it from a shop nor cultivate it in your field.
If you cannot get it from outside, you need to create it from inside.
How do you create all these chemicals within you?
The answer is very simple. Your deeds make you happy. In other words, the release of all these
chemicals depend on your activities.
How do you get endorphins?
Endorphins get released when you do physical activities such as exercise or sports or outdoor games,
etc to cope with the pain of physical exercise.
How do you get dopamine?
Dopamine gets released when you achieve things of monetary or materialistic value or when you
master the skills you wanted to do so.
How do you get serotonin?
Serotonin gets released when you do something that benefits others or in other words when you
contribute anything to others. Your contribution may or may not be anything of monetary or
materialistic value. If it benefits someone other than us, it gives you a lot of serotonin. It takes place
as we get connected to them on a deep humanitarian level.
How do you get oxytocin?
Oxytocin gets released when you socialize and get connected to others. The warmth or depth of
relationships makes us feel loved and lovable. This tends to socialize more. This gives us an
endless source of oxytocin.
Basically, it is very simple to be happy. All you need is to relax and go with the flow while
you find your purpose and accept fate.
Breathe. Smile.Relax

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