NLP Sales Mastery – a Growing Branch

Written by on 19th November 2019

The Neuro-Linguistic Programme (NLP) is a growing branch that is effective in the fields of communication, learning, business, sales, healing, counselling and treatment. In sales, it has been found to produce extremely good results.

When employing NLP in marketing, the personality traits of customers have to be considered. In fact, there are seven types of customers, each of whom thinks differently. If the salesperson can think along the lines of the customer, the sales take place quickly.

There are friendly customers, hostile people and very doubtful persons. Some others may speak only to the point. The salesperson has to judge which of the seven personalities the customer belongs to within 30 seconds. This is a major factor in closing the deal in a short time.

In addition to describing the advantages of the product, the salesperson has to explain what pain of the customer it solves. Messages have to be sent to the subconscious mind of the customer. For example, the salesperson should increase the desire or want of the customer for the product. He has to address the emotions of the customer and find the logic to satisfy the needs.

Finding clients is a big challenge faced by salespersons these days. The NLP Sales Mastery Programme of Lifeline lists 100 methods to find the right customer. As many as 50 closing methods are available, of which a salesperson should always remember at least 10-12.

A customer may raise two, three or even four objections. The salesperson may feel that it is a personal objection – that the customer is objecting to his personality rather than the product itself. However, after taking part in the NLP Sales Mastery Programme of Lifeline, the salesperson would notice that the ‘NO’ of the customer turns into ‘KNOW’. He learns how to overcome the objections. The salesperson expands his knowledge so that he understands why the customer said ‘NO’ and keeps the replies ready for each objection.

Before attending the NLP Sales Mastery Programme, a salesperson may be working at 20-25% of his capacity. But after taking part in the programme he would be achieving 70 to 80 and even 90% of his potential. Some salespersons have reached even 10 times their previous sales performance.

The NLP Sales Mastery Programme makes sales an easy job. The training is very elaborate and practical. An international sales method, NLP is widely used in the US, Canada and Gulf countries. MBA and other business students can take part in the programme in addition to their regular course. The three-day event opens a host of opportunities before them.

During the NLP Sales Mastery Programme, multisensory accelerated learning technologies are adopted. The hi-tech classes offer big benefits to participants. In the US, it is said that NLP sales training gives an ‘unfair’ advantage for those who took part in the programme.



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