Importance of your Belief system

Written by on 17th March 2020


Belief system

Why some people are successful and others are not? Why people are happy and others are not? What makes the difference between self-confident and insecure people? It’s all because of their belief system, your belief system defines you and your success. The belief system means the feeling of permanence, certainty, assurance, confidence, and rigidity. A belief system is formed by the repetitive thoughts in our mind. One interesting thing about the belief system in the people of India as they believe in superstitions, black magic, ghosts, and the list goes on. There were several scientific studies conducted by psychologists about this but none of them comes out with even a single point which validates the existence or power of this superstition stories. But people still believe in them and they experience their presence and power only because of their deep belief in this sort of stuff.Belief system

Positive thoughts

The pattern of successful thinking and belief system develops individuals in their early young age, a lot of external factors shape this programming. While considering the most successful people in the world, we can see only one percent of the population comprises of the most successful people. The generation of successful people are also successful it’s because they grow up by watching the success of their parents; they learn the success pattern and belief system from their parents. While the remaining 99 percentage leads a mediocrity life due to their limiting belief system they found around them. Due to this limiting belief, they can’t explore the enormous resources and possibilities around them.Positive thoughts

successful person

Do you know what makes a successful person unique from others; it is their attitude, thoughts and belief system. For successful you must develop the mindset of a successful person; the mind of a winner. This mindset will naturally encourage and give the confidence to achieve your goal. Look at the life stories of great personalities in the world, their life clearly says that they believed and they achieved. Napoleon, Abraham Lincoln, Arnold, Jim Carrey, Oprah Winfrey and numerous great personalities in the world. They believed in themselves and never give up until they achieve what they want. They never let their limiting beliefs to define them.successful person


The certainty of a belief comes from our own experiences, which we have made. What our parents say, what society says, etc. You have to imagine beliefs like a bridge. Every belief is based on a firm foundation (the pillars). The pillars give you the certainty and insight that support this belief. These are mostly experiences from our past, especially those we have done in our childhood. These experiences are stored in our brain and serve as a reference for our beliefs. These reference points cause us to believe something, no matter whether it corresponds to reality or not.Experiences

Negative beliefs

Negative beliefsLimiting, negative beliefs keep you from achieving your goals or even setting yourself specific goals. You are responsible for ensuring that you do not go beyond a certain level of life. Ask yourself, “What goals and desires do I have that I have not yet achieved and what goals have I not set because of my limiting belief? Free yourself from old, negative beliefs that hinder your progress and feed yourself with new and positive beliefs. It’s all about your way of thinking when this pattern changes your beliefs also transforms. From the positive thoughts, you are bombarding the pillars of your negative beliefs and constructing new pillars of prosperity, success, happiness, and greatness.


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