Best ways to prevent corona virus attack

Written by on 11th March 2020


This is a present outbreak that coronavirus cases are spreading throughout the world and to be confirmed in China, Italy, the United States, India and most of the world. By following some essential steps, you can aid reduce your hazard, and do your responsibility to protect others, if your surrounding is affected. 

  Best precautions for corona

This step is worthy even though repeating again and again. Always try to wash your hands when you went for an outing and return to home. Clean your hands well with fresh running tap water and then lather hands with soap or sanitizer; don’t miss to clean the backside of your hands, in between your fingers or below your nails. Make certain to scrub hands for 20 seconds at least, and wipe hands with a clean towel or allow them air dry.Best precautions for corona

If you have sneezing or coughing just directs it into your elbow to avoid entering microbes on your hands, which can then rapidly spread to other areas. One of the other best methods to be smart is using the hand sanitizer frequently. Another way to avoid others’ contact is by greeting others by making elbow bumps and pushing elevator buttons with a lump as an alternative of using your fingertip. 

  How washing hands help you from coronavirus attack?

Use alcohol-based hand washers, which must be used and rubbed in hands for about 20 seconds, which can work better, but make sure to use the gel which contains at least 60 percentage alcohols. How washing hands help you from coronavirus attack?

Wash your hands frequently with soap, sanitizers, and water for at least 20 seconds keeps you stay clean and avoid the entry of the virus into our body. Especially after using the bathroom, arriving from office, before eating, and after rubbing your nose, sneezing or coughing use hand washers. If soap and water are not instantly available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer or germ disinfectant washers. If possible take a cool bath after going home to make yourself clear.

     Always prevention is the best way than cure

With coronavirus disease spreading to run uprising in India too, here is how you can make manually safe from the threat. As of course, a vaccine has not been discovered for the complete prevention of coronavirus. Like the best of this fact, prevention is the best way to cure available and stays safe now and then.

      Does wearing masks keep coronavirus out

Wearing a protective mask is not essential if you are not taking care of a virus-infected person. The Health Centre for Disease Prevention does recommend that infected people only wear masks to stop the disease spread. If you have a fever, cough, allergy symptoms and breathing difficulty try to seek medical advice immediately. Keep in mind that you should avoid traveling to foreign countries for at least about 3 to 4 weeks.

Follow these methods to make yourself safe

Here are the safety measures you need to take to consider and keep the virus out of your reach:

  1. Avoid staying in close contact with people outside if you feel they are sick. Try to maintain at least three (3) feet distance between any person and you who is sneezing or coughing.
  2. When you are in public place avoid touching your nose, face, eyes, and mouth.
  3. Stay home if you are feeling sick.
  4. Always cover your sneeze or cough with a tissue, cloth and right then dispose of the material safely.
  5. Clean and sanitize often touched objects and surfaces using a normal floor cleaning lotion, spray or wipe.

Natural remedies to boost your immune system 

Now coronavirus is dominating news headlines and warning people to clear drugstores of hand sanitizer, masks, towel, and even toilet papers, some Indians are turning to alternative natural remedies medicine to prevent coronavirus infection. Read and just know about some natural remedies to boost your immune system. Natural remedies to boost your immune system

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Natural ways to stay away from external virus attack

Boosting your immune is vitally important for everyone to stay healthy and energetic in the present world. Today’s leading topic is that coronavirus is making a huge change in our everyday life. Physically being fit and making our surroundings healthy is the best way to avoid any kind of infection. Once any virus enters your body no external remedies can help you, only your body’s immune system has to fight for your health. Remember that take precautions before. neem bath

It was similar to a light switch being clicked to make our immune system stay healthy, referring to going behind the herbs, food items and other all-inclusive remedies that make our life healthier. Our grandma’s traditional herbal mixtures might provide some comfort when fighting a cough, sneeze, cold or illness, but they’re not a top cure for the coronavirus but boosts our immune system and.

   Foods you can intake for immune system boosting

Turmeric, garlic, Neem is considered as antibacterial medicinal herbs. Information about alternative treatments is socializing through social media, claiming to prevent or treat the virus illness that has attacked more than 100,000 people all around the world and caused certain thousands of deaths globally. We know, in general, that eating fresh fruits, vegetables and drinking plenty of water can be good to boost the immune system and for staying healthy. Though, there is no indication of specific foods that will help to fight this specific virus.

Often use turmeric, cumin seeds, ginger, honey, boiled fresh garlic, and tulsi herbal therapies and prepare herbal teas that are some of the best natural remedies publicized as miracle cures and fight against allergies. Scientists and outlying health specialists have been exposing such titles as fears regarding the virus spread. Generally, garlic is best for boosting your immune system, but may or may not work always since using these foods as a regular basis keeps you stays healthy.

    Basic life-saving natural remedies

The biggest foods that support your immune system to stay healthy are the things that our ancestors previously predicted and given to us as a boon. Most people today are practicing diet, exercise and many other things for boosting their immune system. You can eat more vegetables, fruit juices, lean protein dishes, a nutrient-rich diet all these things give your immune system all of the boosts that it wants to fight the fight.

Power of traditional medicines and foods

Our tradition and culture had given us some power in the means of traditional medicines., mix a tablespoon of turmeric and neem leaf in a tub of hot water and use it for bathing. Read more about this home remedy Just making our environment clean and hygienic can support us to stay away from viral attacks. We suggest that practicing general hygiene and having a healthy immune system to reduce the probability of corona and aiding the body’s defenses kill the virus rapidly once infected. Agnihotra has the ability to neutralize pathogenic bacteria. and It has an excellent effect on the circulatory, renews brain cells. revitalizes the skin. purifies the blood. relieves tension on the mind. For achieving that, we recommend proper sleep, good exercise, and correct hydration. Also, you can use herbs that are rich in anti-viral properties, such as wheatgrass, lemon balm and Neem powder that can be used against normal cough, colds or fever. Agnihotra is a divine process that will benefit nature to a large extent when smoke generated from agnihotra has great power lord sun flourishes his blessing. It helps in the protection of the ozone layer from depletion. There are mythological stories on agnihotra which have the ability to neutralize  pathogenic bacteria

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