From practicing a healthy work-life balance to great perks and benefits, Lifeline is all about supporting their employees' goals and diverse lifestyles.


Lifeline Mindcare Solution Europe Limited is a doyen among international mind power organizations and has been helping people to transform their lives towards better health, wealth and relationships and fulfilling success. Our core focus over the years is on advanced mind research and business development under the guidance of Dr. P.P. Vijayan, one of the leading mind power trainers in the world.

Our organizational philosophy focuses on serving humanity by helping people develop their inherent potential through mind Power and thought focusing techniques that stimulate transformation in people. Lifeline strives to awaken, discover, conquer and unleash the unlimited powers within us for the empowerment of mind, body, and soul. This is achieved by continuous

training with a purpose and imparting knowledge through 18 Workshops and 15 books, talent tests, effective counselling, wellness programs, various life-changing audios and videos and other social media activities.

With Lifeline, you are establishing a rapport that extends throughout your life, by continuous follow-up programs, mentoring, and personal counselling services. Refine and rejuvenate your personality and re-orient yourself towards success and excellence by joining our wide network of happy and enlightened customers around the globe.

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A career is not always about money. It should be a pleasurable and fulfilling activity that nourishes and enriches your life. It should help you grow as an individual and contribute to society’s development. You must be driven by a mission and vision and experience a noble sense of transforming society and your inner self.

Is it tough to find such a profession? Well, we have some at Lifeline, the leading mind power training organization that has been instrumental in touching the lives of millions of people around the globe by helping them explore and utilize the hidden power of their subconscious mind under the visionary leadership of Dr. P.P. Vijayan. Join our team and join this mission, spread ideas of enlightenment and inspiration and feel the inner joy of your efforts bearing fruit.

At Lifeline, we are all striving as one essence, there are no disparities. We are friends in our purpose, you are encouraged to use and further nourish your inner potentials. It is not a mechanical 9-5 job; every day, you are helping to transform the lives of at least one person in this world by showing his hidden potential. We, Team Lifeline, warmly welcome you with open hands to feel the power of our wisdom.

Join us, we are eager to have you on our team. Expect good salary packages as well; talents are always promoted here.


At Lifeline, our mission is to change lives everywhere. We create breakthroughs and awaken the human spirit in everyone. We have outrageous fun while we transform the quality of people



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