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Dr. P.P. Vijayan is an Internationally acclaimed Mind Trainer,motivational speaker, Psychologist, Author, Success coach and Business strategist. He has four Master Degrees in Psychology (M.Sc.), Political Science and International Relations (MA), Law (LLM) and Business Management (MBA) and Ph.D. from the University of Kerala. A post-doctoral research fellow and a visiting faculty in many premier universities in India and abroad, he is a trained professional in IT management from the Govt. of Japan. As a master trainer for many famous corporate bodies around the world, he has travelled in more than 60 countries for training activities. His training sessions are mainly for the entrepreneurs, public servants, professionals, academicians, CEOs, Police personnel, Judges, Lawyers, Medical professionals, Social workers, Students and Corporate decision makers to accelerate achievement of their personal and professional goals. His published thesis is an acceptable reference in libraries across the globe and his 36 books on topics such as Mind power, Personal excellence and Transformation entrepreneurship, Parenting etc are best sellers. For more than two decades, Dr. Vijayan is instrumental in spreading Mind Power across the globe.

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