Getting rid of negative thoughts

Written by on 11th February 2020

Negative thoughts can make you sad, depressed or tired throughout the day. You must take immediate action in order to avoid negative thoughts in your life. Follow some of these useful techniques to avoid negative thoughts. 

Cautiously watch your thoughts 

Negative thoughts may flash through our mind as some cyclones do; they root out the peace, cause much suffering and disturb you. To make sure that negative thoughts do not hinder your mind, we can resolve how far our thoughts can control our mind. You can watch your mind as if you are sitting on the shores of a sea to watch the waves. You are not the sea, but you can see everything that happens on it. Likewise, when you view your thoughts without getting involved in them, you start deviating from its spree, good or bad.  Cautiously watch your thoughts 

 Living a fulfilled life overcomes negative thoughts

To overcome negative thoughts you must be happy in your life. The more you say thank you, you will feel more peace and happiness filling your inner mind a deep feeling of joy. Thank you life for even the smallest things that you receive, there are many things to feel thankful about. Living a fulfilled life overcomes negative thoughts

The smile that you get from a stranger on the way has to be thanked, the seat offered for you in a bus, the cool breeze that comforts you in a hot day, each and every little thing on this lovely earth that makes you positive and enjoyable needs to be thanked. Thankfulness is like a magnet that attracts close to it more and more features that you can be felt and say thankfully about. 

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 Do what you love in life

 Doing things that we love is a blessing. When we were kids, we connected to the word ‘taste’ to ‘sweetness’ and we practised to see bitterness, sourness and others as ‘unfavourable’ tastes and we, at last, detesting everything except ‘sweet.’ This is similar to the emotions. We brand our feelings as ‘good’ and ‘bad.’ This is just classifying and would not help your life. We must be capable to take each experience as they are, without presumptions. If happiness is a positive thing, see negatives too. You should be capable to watch it calmly. Do what you love in life

Meditation helps to overcome negatives thoughts

This is especially good while you are meditating, and your thoughts seem to hamper your process. If you try to destroy your negative thoughts, they will strongly re-appear. What can be done is to let them occur but not at the cost of your peace of mind. Watch them slowly passing through without involvement. They are just thoughts; believing or reacting to them makes you feel negative so just relax your mind in every situation you’ll be all right soon. Meditation helps to overcome negatives 

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Practice to show unconditional love 

A positive feeling starts by showing or receiving love. Likewise, an unconditional love never cares for the action of the person who is exposed to love. Such love is free, and you will never fear if your love will be rejected. You won’t be scared to love.Practice to show unconditional love 

Learn to love and care others even if you know that you will not get anything back. It is not even essential people know that you love them. You can just express your love for someone and distant relatives.

Change your way of thinking

Our way of thinking starts with our mind. For each and every person the thinking differs and evolves when you sensibly analyze individuals and happenings and reach the conclusions. Our thought is a collection of values and beliefs about a specific subject. When we change our opinion or view on the issue, it will bring up a change in the thinking as well. Thus in this way little by little, we can change our negative thought into positive. Change your way of thinking

  Forgiveness helps to get rid of negative thoughts

Forgiveness makes good sense to everyone; it makes us and others feel positive. Revenge seems sweet only to the mind but that is unaware of the spirit of forgiveness. When you taste the harmony of mercy, you came to know the severe bitterness of revenge. No matter what’s the reason is, revenge goes as a cycle that continues and never ends. It slowly kills the lives of everyone close to you, around you. Seeking revenge becomes all that you desire but comes at a hefty price at the end. On the other hand build forgiveness nature within your mind, this process will really help you to get rid of negative thoughts. Forgiveness helps to get rid of negative thoughts 

How to forgive? 

  • You can express your feelings but don’t hurt others 
  • At least admit the pain felt by others 
  • Try to understand the feelings of others 
  • Express your feelings through words or writings

Forgiveness is an art trying to build it inside your mind. By forgiving, you feel like your heart is out of burden. It is finally you who benefit from forgiving the person who has hurt you.

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