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Written by on 31st January 2020

Every time the mind that controls even the smallest things of our happy life. As we have discussed, it can convert our lives, but it should be powerful enough to take decisions. You can use Mind Power to improve in your health, wealth, life, social relations as well as profession. 

Why live a happy life?

The body is a moral servant to the mind. You know one thing; good thoughts keep your health good while bad thoughts can make you feel ill. Many are afraid that they would be affected by any disease, and sometimes even this fear can be terrible. The body is a restrained and minute tool that quickly yields to the pressures and pleasures of the mind. Thoughts are like waves that flow in between and link both the mind and the body. If it is pure, everything will be refined and perfect.Why live a happy life?

Make your life an open space where the sunlight rays and raindrops can quickly enter. Let it be lovely and healthy; make it brighter with your expectations. Friendly thoughts are, most of the time, as good as an effective doctor because they treat your mental disorders and pave the mode for a healthy body.

 Good thinking makes you an overall happy life

Keep telling you that “I am healthy” and it is the most effective mental care one can ever receive. When you start to feel that you are perfectly alright, you will find that you are okay. The moment you feel ill, your thoughts start to turn around that physical state and sufferings. 


 Ways to stay healthy and lead a happy life

Stop talking more about the sickness since as per the law of attraction, the more you speak negatives, and the more such uneven conditions get attracted towards you. Even if you meet a patient who is obviously ill, try to distract the conversation to other pleasing topics. Assure them that you will meet them again, smiling with health.Ways to stay Healthy

 Be happy by planting good things in mind

Happiness is your birthright! Happiness is not something but everything we always look onward to, but we still believe somebody else to make us feel happy life. Relations expire because such irrational expectations fail, including your parents, partners, siblings, friends are no more able to find joy with the relationship they are presently in. 

When we start to investigate about our mind, we should be able to shed our limited attentiveness about happiness. We should know how to be happy among all these happening environmental disasters, worries and chaos because we live in our mind, which we have kept clean, like a lovely garden where we have planted flowers that seems the best. 

People also ask

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 Finding exact happiness

No, not the real happiness present anywhere, it’s hidden in our mind. The pleasure that you get when you follow your desire and accomplish your talents should be like music and art. Thus real happiness is the pleasure comes from getting knowledge and sharing it. It is the highest level of happiness people can get. Real happiness

Practising meditation techniques really will give you a dominant insight on how to cultivate happiness and better relations in our lives. It may seem simple gesture as talking with your dear ones, helping a needy one or listening to your favourite music gives real happiness. It is our right to be happy and responsibility for our surroundings happy.  Often happiness is an offspring of thankfulness.

Make others happy 

It can also be the pleasure to make others happy life, the joy you can receive when you helped a blind person cross the road, or moments of delight evoked by a soulful devotional song, delicious food with your colleagues or doing something good to strangers. Note them down, every one of them, and have a look after some days. You’ll see limitless instances of happiness you had experienced during this period, and that’s it.making others happy

How to make others Happy 

Cultivate good relations. Here we can get some tips so that you can always be happy and make other people happy life around you. Never hurt others instead try to help others, share good views with others, remember the happiest life moments and share it with your friends. But remember that compromising too much for others’ happiness will dry up your happiness. Some people will not change in spite of the things you have done to them. Just think that they are not worthy people. Never listen to them. Just do what good for you and others. how to make others happy

Being happy forever is not just a simple thing but it’s a boon God has given to us. Try to make use of that boon in a positive way. Everything will be alright soon.  

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